PHP has multiple web application frameworks such as Codeigniter, Zend, Symphony, Laravel, etc. Do you know that 80% of the applications created today are powered by the frameworks of PHP? Laravel has already topped the list of best frameworks and superbly outperforming all the competitors. This why the demand for Laravel Development Services is rising for creation of robust enterprise applications. Every venture wants to create an application to expand their business using best technology. Laravel can definitely offer great opportunity for that.

However, if you are still unsure about using Laravel and want to learn more about it then read this blog. Here we will walk you through the reasons why you should consider Laravel for the development of big enterprise applications. Let’s talk more about it!

What Makes Laravel an Ideal Option for Enterprise Applications?

Artisan: By using command line, web development services interacts with Laravel for the creation of the project environment. Artisan is the built-in tool that can be used for the command line. By using this built-in tool, it becomes so much easier to perform complicated and repetitive programming tasks. Most of the developers prevent doing such task manually.

Security: If you are using Laravel then you can be sure about the security of your enterprise application. The hashed and salted passwords can be used for security enhancements. You can be sure about the security because Laravel never save passwords as a plain text in the database.

Libraries: This is another major reason to use Laravel for enterprise application development. PHP framework of Laravel comes with wide range of built-in and object-oriented libraries. No other framework has these kinds of libraries. Out of all these, the finest one is authentication libraries which is very simple implement. Along with that, this framework has so many advanced features as well. This includes password reset, Bcrypt hashing, encryption, active users checking, and majorly, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection.

Unit Testing: The web application development service process is incomplete if there is no proper testing. After the completion of the coding part, it must be tested before final release. With this you can test the performance, speed and security of your application. Laravel developers have to run multiple tests to make sure that new changes created don’t impact anything else in the application.

Route Caching: Laravel, the popular framework of PHP comes with the feature of route caching. This best feature of route caching also increases the loading speed of your web application. But, this feature of Laravel also have one drawback. Any changes performed within the application cannot be reflected in the current environment. You can hire web development services from the professionals.

Seamless Data Migration: Data migration is one of complicated task to perform but not with Laravel. This is another reason why people consider using it. Laravel allows you to migrate your enterprise application from any platform without any complication. You can hire PHP development services from the professionals to leverage all these features of Laravel in your enterprise application.

Wrapping Up

Laravel surely is one amazing framework that can be used for powering big enterprise applications. Considering all its features, if you have made up your mind to develop an application using Laravel then Qdexi Technology can provide you best assistance. This leading website development company has team of competent Laravel developers who are skilled to develop any kind of enterprise application. So, reach out to them today for best web solutions.