There is nothing more painful than watching your hard earned traffic to go into veins. This is surely not a positive sign that is welcomed by the marketers. It has been that People often blame Google algorithm updates for the decline in their website traffic but it is not always the case. Beside algorithm updates, there are so many other reasons that can cause an instant decline in traffic. Here are some top yet common reasons behind the drop in website traffic.

Why Your Website Traffic Matters the Most

website traffic matters the most

If you look into the proper definition of the website traffic then, you may notice that website traffic is the total number of visitors visiting a website. The traffic is directly linked with the sales as more visitors mean more sales and less visitor means fewer sales. Apart from this website who lost traffic often get lost among the thousands of websites who are running on the web. The decline and increase in organic traffic have adverse effects on the business profit. Therefore, it is important to get into the roots and tackle down the problem that is causing your traffic to decline. Below, you will read the common reasons behind the decline of traffic on your website.

  • You have migrated from HTTP to HTTPs

Majority of the websites has started shifting from HTTP to HTTPs right after Google announced to mark and kick out non-secure pages from the search result pages. It is totally fine if you are also migrating from HTTP to HTTPs but if pursued without the proper planning it may not give desired results. So, before you redirect your website it is important to add the 301 redirects. If not done properly, it can become the reason behind the decline of traffic on the website.

  • You have accidentally removed the page analytics

The removal of the page analytics is another most common reason behind the decrease in the traffic which is often overlooked by many website owners. This might happen when you are adding new pages in the analytics of making changes in the website structure.

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  • You have missed out quality content

Content is the “king” in the digital marketing field which is highly responsible to bring the traffic to the website. No matter whether the traffic is coming from the search engines, social media, or any other resources, it is compulsory to have the quality content that can catch the attention of the customers and keep them engaged. But having the quality content doesn’t mean that you will overload it. Make sure to check your content time to time to make sure that it is suitable for the readers. There are different parts of the quality content like heading, subheading, video, images and more. You can focus on each segment to further improve your website content and for this just hire content writing service for the business websites.

  • Your website is suffering from a penalty

There are some cases when a website can go visible to invisible in a matter of days. Such dramatic changes are related with the search engine penalties. Google follows strict criteria for the website ranking anyone who breaks this has to suffer from the penalties.

The decline in the website is an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To make sure this will never happen again, you need to hire reliable SEO solutions from Qdexi Technology.