Google has set some rules for the search engine results. Many SEO companies follow the black hat tactics that led to the failure in the performance of the site and bring a manual penalty. An ethical approach is required to receive the desired target and following the directives proposed by Google can help you to win the game. One must concern about algorithms updates by this search engine and avoid minor mistakes. White – hat SEO considers both the link building and SEO techniques that include gateway pages, purchasing links, keyword stuffing and spun content.

The SEO services can offer beneficial growth by following the right company that mainly concerns the Google directions to allow the website to rank high in the search results. Qdexi technology is one of the best company is in Row. Here are some reasons mentioned below that allow you to identify the reason behind the de-indexing.

How De- Indexing Affect Your Site Performance:

  • Link Building: To build backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization), one should stop guest posting. Earlier guest posting was considered to gain links but these days it is concerned as a more spammy practice. Excessing the limit in guest blogging would prove bad for your company’s reputation.
  • If You Get A Penalty: Google does not provide any information for removing your site. The time your site would not meet the quality standards, Google will certainly rank your page to the lower. Various activities such as the setting of pages and links, cloaking may result in the expulsion from the index. Webmaster tools account will show you a manual penalty and help you to clean and resubmit the web links to Google. Lynx is another Text-based browser used to view the site. It works like the search bot and would not allow you to view session IDs, view scripts, flash and so on.
  • Getting Organized: Set up a spreadsheet that comprises of all the link details. It will allow you to make a record of the changes implemented and helpful in submitting the request again. The spreadsheet includes the links to and from URLs, details of anchor text, contact details of the sites and link status that is life, removed and in no follow category.
  • Removing Bad Links: The SEO gadgets tool is the best option that allows you to find the bad links and upload 200 links at the same time. It later saved as an excel/CSV file. For this, you can prefer open site explorer to export your inbound links as a.CSV file to examine the links updates on the sites. It has special algorithms to determine safe links. In this regard, the SEOMoz and Google Pagerank can act as the trusted source to find the contact info of each link and find other details such as the link metrics, social media details, anchor text, and authorship.
  • Before Resubmission: the major points, one need to consider for the resubmission of the website is the site architecture, metatags without the keywords, mold the content with the reasonable use of keywords. The website architecture must be developed in a logical pattern and involve internal linking. The keyword density should be lowered than earlier to receive organic traffic. Two keywords are enough; to deliver the required information to the readers and for improving the site rank. Besides, you must also concern about malware attacks, irrelevant content, and hidden text for the good performance of the site.

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