Looking for new ways to increase average spend time on your e-commerce website? As low duration on your website increase the bounce rate and in the worse situation can throw you out of the search engine result pages. Therefore, it is important to know about hacks to increase average visitor time on e-commerce.

Majority of the companies spend dollars to hire an e-commerce solution to increase the time duration while others get into details to find the proven hacks to increase the visitor time. No matter, from which category you belong we have something for both. In the below, blog post, we are going to discuss proven hacks that can be used to increase the average time a visitor spends on an e-commerce website.

Hacks to Increase Average Visitor Time on E-Commerce Website

Hacks to Increase Average Time On E Commerce Websites


  • Start with cleaning your website design

If you believe in a marketing study, a customer spends a few seconds on a website before he or she finally decide to stay or leave. This means you have only a few minutes to convince them to stay. Now, sit back and think how can you do that? The only thing they notice within the first few seconds is the design of your website. Thus, you can start by cleaning up your messy website design.

Try to check the fold area of your business website on the desktop or mobile area view. You should understand that the most important content must be on the top. This way your visitor will see the important part of your page when landed on your website. Try to keep your website design simple and clutter free to avoid any sort of confusion. You can hire a website development solution from professional developers to help you with this part.

  • Work on the readability of your website.

You may have come across the pages that are difficult to read as sometime the website design doesn’t for the size of the device or it is too small to read on a desktop. Such pages have a higher bounce rate compared to others. You should avoid such a mistake. To make your web pages readable adjust your font size large enough for an easy read but small enough to avoid any unnecessary scrolling issues.

Don’t use a large content paragraph in web pages as it seems unattractive to the customers. Rather than doing this, you can break them into small chunks.

  • Use high-quality images

Images and videos are one of the best ways to engage customers. As a human being our brain react to an image or video way faster than reading the text. This is the main reason why many companies use images or videos in the background of their landing pages.

  • Optimize your images

Once you have added the images to your website it is time to optimize them but why? As we mentioned you can use high-quality pictures on your website. The high-quality pictures are also high-resolution, they are larger in pixels and heavy which can affect your website page speed. You can use tools like PiktoChart and Canva or hire web development service to optimize your images.

That’s all for today, we hope these hacks will work for your website but in case if you seek any additional help for your website then you can contact Qdexi Technology. The company is known for providing reliable and trustworthy e-commerce development service at an affordable price.