In the SEO sector, comments hold a special importance. They can be used to enhance a post in many ways and if used correctly they can turn a monologue into the discussion and build community. Beside this comments can be used to give a minor but countable boost to the written blog post. As you read in the previous during the situation when Google remove the post experts, comments on various Q & A pages to generate organic traffic. So, after knowing all these facts why would anyone want to disable it in WordPress? Most of the comments are seen as self-promotion, spams and sometimes hurtful for the reputation. Still, we cannot neglect the fact that a post without comments seems incomplete, therefore, most of the websites welcome comments.

How to Disable Comments on the WordPress

If you have ever created a website on WordPress then, you might know that by default, WordPress allows comments on its blog posts but disables on the web pages. You can change this by following the given steps. To start the process, visit your WordPress dashboard and select the “setting >> Discussion

The Process to Stop Comments on the Future Posts

Stop Comments on Future Posts

To stop viewers to make comments on your future posts you can uncheck the option suggesting “allow people to post a comment on the new article”. Along with this, you can also disable notifications from here as well. This will surely stop any future comments and notifications on all the future posts.

The Process to Stop Comments on the Published Posts

process to stop comments on the published posts

The bad news is the above step/process will only disable comments and notifications on future posts but what about the existing posts? To stop comments on the existing posts, you have to visit Dashboard > Comments. Now, you can just select the comments you want to remove from the existing posts and click bulk actions and move them to trash, once done click the apply button.

The process to stop comments on selected posts

After disabling the comments on the future and existing posts, it is time to learn how to do it for all posts. Now, you have to go to the Bulk Actions > Edit > Apply. After doing this, a new edit option will pop up where you can choose to not allow the option for comments.

The process to stop comments on each post individually

process to stop comments on each post individually

What would you do if you want to disable comments on selected posts only? Well, to do this, you have to select the posts and click edits. Right below the comment section, you may find the discussion option. In the discussion box, you can uncheck allow comment option. In case it is tiring then hire a web development service.

To Disable Comments on Media Files

disable comments on media files

The last but not the least one how to disable comment from the media files. When you upload an image an attachment file is created. To disable comments on the file you have to visit media library, select the media file and click on the edit.

So, that’s all for today. In case if you have any doubts regarding the process then visit Qdexi Technology. They have a team of web developers who can resolve any problem on your behalf and provide you quality web development solutions for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal too.