Take a Note! “The content is the voice of your brand.”

Your marketing campaigns are incomplete without well-written and relevant content. This means your sources need to be 100% authentic.

The marketing data is one valuable weapon that can strengthen the quality of your content. You will agree to this. For publishing content online you need reliable data to back up your assertions or else nobody will trust you.

In this blog post, we will talk about the best sources that you should prefer for extracting marketing data to make your content more impact. However, taking Content Writing Services from professionals can help you in numerous ways.

Let’s Get Started with It!

List Best Marketing Data Sources to use for Content Writing


ChartPorn is a very popular website that can be used for collecting marketing data. No matter what your content project is about, there is nothing you can’t find here. The entire data available on the website is based on exclusive data resources. This data source provides you the information about a wide range of topics in the forms of graphs and statistics which makes it even more understandable.


Here comes another excellent website to get marketing data. Most of the content available on this website is 100% original and refined after thorough researches. If you want to make your data more presentable and relevant then MarketingProfs is one best website available for you. Undoubtedly, this website is the most preferred source of content writers to extract information for marketing blogs.


If you are in the digital marketing service provider industry then you must have heard this name. Moz is one popular website out there where you can find all the data you need for digital marketing, especially, SEO. Yes! If it is about SEO data then no other website can beat Moz. When you are creating content about SEO, then it is best to refer Moz for getting detailed information about everything.


Another name in this list is Buffer. Have you read the content on this website? If you haven’t then started doing it from today! The best thing about this website is that all the data available here is written here is backed up with strong points. It would not be wrong to say that Buffer is the highly data-oriented digital marketing blog available on the Internet. By extracting information from this blog you can make your content informative and relevant for the users.


If you need comprehensive details about the latest marketing statistics then MarketCharts is one most popular websites available on the internet. On this website, you can get details about the diverse range of marketing topics. You can utilize this data to create effective B2B and B2C marketing strategies. This is one reliable website to extract information from. But there is one drawback of this website that you have to make purchases to get original data according to your requirements.

Boiling It Down

You might have got information about all the resources but it’s not that easy to write content especially when it is about your digital marketing campaign. Here is a solution for you!

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