Joomla has been evolving is one of the greatest content management system out there. It is widespread all over the internet because of the ease it offers for web development. The Joomla is downloaded more than 68 million times. The popularity of this platform has also impacted its security. According to the recent reports, Joomla is the second most infected website platform. If your website is also suffering from security threats then you can hire the Joomla development services for its protection. Moreover, this blog would guide you about the best practices that can secure your website with threats.

Great Security Practices for Every Joomla Website

Take regular backups

You can save a lot of time and effort by taking regular backups of your website. Invest some time and create the complete working backup of the Joomla website. If your website ever gets attacked then these back-ups can restore your website.

Keep your Joomla Website Up-to-date

Although, Joomla content management system is constantly improving the security of the platform. But it is important to keep your website updated. All the updates come with security enhancements. So, it is advisable by the experts that updates should never be missed. Fortunately, Joomla comes with a version checker that keeps sending notification whenever there is a new update available. You can hire web development services from the professionals if you need any kind of assistance for this.

Use strong Login Details

It is never a good idea to keep the default admin username and password. Most of the time, people make this mistake and this is not safe at all. Make sure that you have set up a strong password that is difficult for hackers to guess. The password strength should be strong. It would lock all the doors through which threats can enter your website.

Avoid installation of too many extensions

Joomla is the platform that allows you to extend the functionality of your website with numerous extensions. But you have to be very careful while using them. The majority of security threats occur on the website because of these third-party extensions. Before integrating any extension make sure that you are testing its stability and functionality. It is also important to remove all the unused and extra extensions. By writing too many codes you can increase the potential vulnerabilities on your website.

Restrict the file and directory permissions

Another common security problem with Joomla is incorrect file permissions. The website owners should always grant permission to the files and directories that are actually needed. All the other unimportant things should be taken down right after the installation of a template or extension.

Install SSL Certificate

The exchange of information between visitors and website can be maintained by encrypting SSL certificate. The HTTPS and SSL certificates add the layer of extra security to the website. It protects the username and password of your website. The installation of the SSL certificate is free and very simple.

At the End

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