Most of the companies think that they can generate efficient leads and sales by just owning and running a business website. Well, sorry to break it up to them, it is not this easy. The popularly of the website depends on the bounce rate. Rather than taking your bounce rate as a failure, you should take it as a challenge. Now, once you have suited up to tackle this challenge the next scenario that comes up is how would you do it? Well, your first thought would be visiting a reputed digital marketing agency like Qdexi technology to apply quality web designing strategies.

This is a good choice but before you jump on your automobile to reach the destination, you need to know about the journey to reach there. If you are struggling to increase organic traffic on your website but failing miserably then there is a possibility that your website bounce rate is too high. It means visitors who go to your website bounce off even before you get a slight chance of converting them into potential customers.

Strategies to Reduce Bounce Rate

So, the digital marketing agency decrease the bounce rate of a particular website? The answer is very simple, they use web designing solutions. According to these strategies they make required changes to the website making it more functional than before. These changes include:

Optimizing Page Load Time

Many of you must think that the main reason behind the bounce rate issue is the content on the website which is somehow true. But have you ever given a thought what if the user never even has a chance to read it? Maybe the problem arises even before they had a chance to read it. Some websites take forever to load which is the worst and yet most common issue faced by many visitors.

If your website doesn’t load in 4 seconds then there are chances that you would lose 47 per cent of visitors. No matter how good or attractive your content is if your website would take forever to load then there will be no one left to read it. Many companies optimize their page load time to reduce the bounce rate and you being a no different case should follow the same.

Improving Content Readability

As you read above, it is not compulsory to change the content to reduce the bounce rate and if in case, it is the scenario then there are certain things you should keep in mind while changing the content. Starting from the top use bold and big heading and subheading to make content look more interesting. Try to go with the bullet points to highlight the compulsory points in the blog or article.

Avoiding Pop-Up Ads on The Website

It is not wrong to say that pop-up ads are one of the most annoying methods of advertisement. People hate pop-up and lead toward high bounce. Due to the continuous disturbance of pop-up ads, most of the visitors just decide to leave the website. Despite its advantages, it is not beneficial to use pop-up ads on the website. These main strategies are easy to implement for the start-up. In case if you still face the trouble with bounce rate then you can visit Qdexi technology to hire effective web designing experts.