Google dominates as one of the most favourite desktop browsers with almost 60% of share and the number is still rising. There is no doubt that both Google’s digital software and hardware has played a vital role in its growth plus, users love how customizable the browser is.

Sometimes using the customized browser can be the daunting task as an individual has to choose a few extensions that can help with your daily basis from thousands of available extensions. This could sometime lead toward the confusion. For an SEO expert who spends the majority of his or her time of the Google Chrome SEO extensions can open the doors for higher productivity levels. Some of these SEO extensions are basically amazing and can save lots of time while others can be used to perform random tasks here and there. In the end, the ultimate objective of these SEO plugins (extensions) is to improve the ranking, ad value-functionality and make things easier.

It may take some time to adjust to these extensions but once done they can save plenty of time in the long-run. Here is the list of SEO extensions that will make your SEO efforts more effective.

Top Google Chrome Extensions that will Boost Your SEO Efforts


Let’s divide the tools into main sections to understand it in a better way.

Extensions for the website review

The first thing every expert do before hiring search engine marketing solutions is to perform a website overview to comprehend how well the website is performing on the SERPs.

Powerful Google Chromes Extensions That Can Help in Website Review are: –


SimilarWeb: The SimilarWeb is the great Google extension to start with the website analysation. The tool provides more than just an overview of the SEO ranking. It further provides details of sources website is receiving organic traffic from. On top of that, it is the free extension that can be used to perform a detail analyse on the website.

MozBar: When it comes to creating the list of powerful Google Chrome extensions, you just cannot miss the MozBar. No matter how many SEO extensions came and left but MozBar stands as the best extension in the market. It comes with the long and useful list of analyses incorporating the on-site SEO, social media, backlinks, technical SEO and more. Majority of the search marketing and optimization service providers use it to perform intensive analysation on the website.

Extensions for Technical SEO

Now after analysing the website, the next thing that comes on the list is the technical SEO. Here are a few useful Google extensions that can be used to perform the technical SEO tasks.

Scraper: While providing the organic SEO service, SEO experts often have to pull elements from the individual pages for the extensive analysis. There are some different ways to perform this task such as using IMPORTXML code to pull the data into Google sheet. Scarper speed up the entire process by using the XPath query language. It may get some time to get used to this but once you get accustomed with the Scarper it will be a lot easier to perform the technical SEO tasks.

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Extensions for backlink analysation: On-site SEO is an internal part of the search engine optimization therefore, it is necessary to optimize the on-site content. Extensions that can help you to optimize On-Site content are: –

Page analytics: This powerful SEO extension allows the user to view the crucial data from the Google analytic accounts. Once you log into the Google account you can actually view the metrics from the accounts in no time. This extension will help you keep an eye on the performance on the individual pages and see where do you need to hire search engine optimization in Canada to improve the performance.

In the end, you can personally use the above extensions to see how they can actually work for your website. For more details, contact the experts of Qdexi Technology.