Last year in 2018, Google has dropped the bomb on HTTP website owners by announcing that from the July onwards it is going to label all HTTP sites as “not secure”. Google is moving on the same line, right behind the Firefox who has already implemented this in 2017. This mean, websites who are currently running on the HTTP need to migrate to HTTPs or they will be greeted with the warning messages from both Google and Firefox.

Google was always focused upon the security factor. This is the reason the Google once tried to announced HTTPs as a ranking factor but the decision was big and the organization feared that people will game the system. But the truth is every website that store data doesn’t need an extra incentive to prioritize the security above the convenience. However, if you want to migrate from the HTTP to HTTPs then, here is the guidance you require to make the move.

Steps to Migrate From HTTP to HTTPS

  • Get the security certificate

The security certificate highly depends upon the hosting and server setup but it will be documented by the service provider. Let’s get to the point, to move on the road of HTTPs with SEO and web development, you will need to get the open security SSL certificate authority.

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  • Update all references to avoid the mixed content

The issue of mixed content appears when the initial page is loaded above the HTTPs server but other page elements such as images, videos or scripts remains loaded on the HTTP. This could weaken your website security making it an easy target for the hackers. Updating internal resources should be straightforward and it can be easily implemented using the upgrade-insure request or you can find and replace the database query. Apart from this, you should also check the external resources like CDNs and plugins to make sure they are working correctly.

  • Update internal URLs using other methods

Migrate HTTP to HTTPS

In case if your website is built upon WordPress then you can search and replace the HTTP version. This will save you from the hassle of searching for “how to drive organic traffic to your website”. There is a plugin called “Better Search Replace” that help you to search and replace your HTTP pages into the HTTPs. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin and after that, you can easily access it tools section in admin.

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Here is what you will see in the setting search/replace section:

  • Go to the “search for” section enter the HTTP version of the root domain. For instance:
  • After finding the result go to the “replace with” and enter the new HTTPs version of your root domain. For example,
  • As you want to check the entire website you can select all the tablets.
  • Make sure to check the “Replace GUIDs” and “Case-Insensitive” boxes.
  • Once done, you can run it on the test.
  • Once completed you need to check the front and end of your website to make sure everything is linked.

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