Website designing is one of the most crucial elements which you can’t miss if you’re thinking to enhance your business. Surely, it is an inevitable part of the business world, no matter if you are running a small scale firm or a big enterprise. It is equally important for both types of organization. However, for that, it is necessary that you are opting for the best web development services so that an effective and compelling website is formed for your business. But the question is what are the best website creator platforms which can help to make your website. If you are struggling with the same question, then read this blog. Here we will explore several website creator platforms which can make your website without any hassle.

Platforms Used For Making the Best Website:



It is the self-hosted version of the most popular Framework, that is WordPress. According to studies, almost twenty-nine percent of websites are formed on this framework. Basically, WordPress consists of two versions that are and the second one is Here, we will study about and for, you can take guidance from the experts who are the top-notch website development service provider in Canada.


With Website framework, you can control every aspect of your website. Those websites that are complex like social networking site, community forums, e-commerce enabled web-store, Video-Streaming Website and so forth are formed with this framework.

Moreover, approximately 50,000 Free plugins facilities are provided by WordPress which is definitely an additional feature in the big list of the clients.


  • The most common problem arises when you have to go through its learning curve.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to update your personal computer time to time for plugins updates, interface updates, and backup purposes which is quite difficult to do again and again.


  • This Platform is completely free. Plus, there is no need for microtransaction and premium account.
  • For purchasing your domain name, it needs to spend money. Around 2 to 10 dollar is the cost of purchasing your own domain name. It all depends upon your choices which domain you want to register for your organization.

Go Daddy Website Creator Platform

GoDaddy Website Creator Platform


  • Godaddy is simple and easy to use. If you don’t have any knowledge about these website creator platforms, then also you can use it as it comes with pre-loaded templates and layouts. You can also use custom layouts for making your website It is one of the most popular website creator platform which help to register your domain name. It is famous all over the world just because of its awesome features. It has a simpler, easier and elegant user interface in which web hosting and domain name registration features are available. Let us explore some of its features:as per your wish. Hence, if you need affordable website development for business, you can go for this model.
  • The photo library is also included in this website builder platform that means you can upload lots of photos and galleries on your website.


  • It is not featured rich platform which decreases the interest of professionals.
  • It comes with limited features
  • The user finds difficulties while moving the website from Godaddy to WordPress.


  • The basic Cost of this Framework is 6 dollars per month whereas the business plan costs 10 dollars per month. Adding to that, if you are taking a premium plan, then you have to pay 15 dollars per month.

In the next blog, we will learn about more website builder platforms which will help to strengthen your digital presence. So, stay tuned!

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