You have structured everything perfectly. The keyword selection has been done. The ads are perfect and you have great expectations from your Google Ads campaign. But you are getting nothing. What could be worse than watching your well structured PPC advertisement campaign shattering like a house of cards? You must be wondering where you went wrong. Well, it is not your mistake. There are many little things that should be your top priority while setting up a PPC advertisement campaign. Hiring PPC advertisement services from professionals is the right decision to achieve success for this campaign.

In this following blog, we are going to share some of the reasons that would help you understand why you PPC ads campaigns are not working. So, read thoroughly to find details about that.

Watch Out For These Reasons If Your PPC Advertisements Are Not Working

  • Paused campaign: As soon as you get the indication that your ads are not working on Google, you must check whether your campaigns are active or paused. It is the most common issue that occurs because of a lack of attention. This might seem intuitive but you have to assure that your campaigns are set to the active status.
  • Low search volume keywords: If your ads are not getting any impressions then there are chances that you are working with the low search volume keywords. There is the status column in the keyword section where you can find details about the search volume of the keywords. If you find out that your issues with the keywords then you can use the Google Ads keyword planner for finding the keywords that have high search volume.
  • Disapproved Keywords – This is another major possibility for the failure of your Google Ads campaign. Whenever you select keywords, the Google Adword reviews and approve it for your campaign. It doesn’t allow you to advertise products and the websites that are related to unacceptable products like drugs, pornography, fireworks, cigarettes, etc. It works like ad approvals. You can check whether your keywords are approved or not. For this, you have to click on the keyword tab and check in the status column. Here you can find information about the status of your keywords.
  • Negative Keywords: The negative keywords are essential for every PPC advertisement campaign. To save your PPC advertisement budget from wastage, you have to use the negative keywords. This would prevent the undesired traffic from advertisements. Setting up negative keywords is not as easy as it looks. You must be very careful while doing that. Review the list of negative keywords over and over again. If you think that these negative keywords are causing troubles for you, then there is a tool called Adword’s keyword diagnosis. It would give you instant information about any problem related to the keywords.

If you have worked through the entire list and still not finding the problem with your campaign, then you should know that this list doesn’t end here. There are many little things that cause big troubles to the PPC campaign. It is recommended to take help from the professional digital marketing company in USA.

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