There are large numbers of mobile users in comparison with the desktop one. It is increasing day by day. People find it easy to do the essential task on mobile despite depending on desktop version but the problem arises when the website version is not accessible on mobile. Looking for the best mobile website development service is a main concern by the business person to avail of their product online. To help you in achieving your target Qdexi Technology can prove the best reliable partner for your productive business. Our experts concerns about providing quality services to customers and help them achieve the business target. We provide these online solutions at a reasonable price.

 As there are large numbers of mobile users, developers concerns about making more mobile-friendly sites by changing the web page accessible on a smaller screen of mobile devices. They even create a separate page that can be viewed on a smaller screen to make a more responsive web page.

 Steps to Make Mobile–Friendly Website

  •   Make a responsive website: 

A user- friendly website navigates the content and related information to the site on any device and displays it, according to the screen size of the mobile and tablets with an accessible layout. A responsive design can allow users to stay connected with the site for long. There are several tools are used to make an impressive website design such as Blueberry, Bootstrap and many more.

  •   Easily available to Individual:

As we all know that our commitment to a busy schedule often leads to a shortage of time in managing our daily life activities. Thus, people want the things that are available to their reach. Availing specific and multiple options of the product on android can mutually benefit both the entrepreneur and the individual.

  • Avoid Using Flash:

It affects the performance of SEO and slows down a pages’ load time, as there are a lot of web pages and multimedia on a site that doesn’t work with the devices. Either Android or iOS won’t support flash. So it is necessary to build a web design without using Flash.

  • Add viewport Meta tag:

It is used to manage the display of websites on mobile. If the webpage on the desktop would display the same width on the mobile, It causes trouble for mobile users to scroll down and moving from right to left and vice versa. This viewport Meta tag allows developers to set the page width according to the mobile devices for easy access.

  • Compress images and CSS:

Providing large images and of bigger size can cause trouble in site loading and affect the speed of the website. So, one needs to focus on developing or making compressed files to ensure the accessibility of android based devices. You can use a high- resolution picture and compress it to allow users to enjoy hassle-free service.

  • Increase Navigation Button Sizes:

Small navigation buttons on the mobile devices cause difficulty for users to move on the next page. The trouble caused by it might lead to annoyance and affect the site traffic for the inconvenience. However, providing larger or medium button size will allow users to enjoy smooth access on android based devices.

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