The coronavirus pandemic has caused miraculous transformations in our lives. This outbreak has also resulted in putting international businesses in a flux. There are so many industry divisions out there especially, beverages & food, retail, hospitality, etc. that have faced the hardest hit by the shockwaves of the pandemic. However, technology has supported us to win over several barriers modeled by the epidemic and has modified our lives to make it better. The businesses are using eCommerce development services to step ahead and deal with the new business landscape.

We all witnessed how consumer behavior has got agitated due to lockdown norms and social distancing practices, online stores have been discovering ways to strengthen consumer demand. It has impelled some interesting inclinations such as “zero contact delivery.” This is something that is going to stay even in the post-COVID world.

So, what is this zero contact delivery, how does it works? Is it possible to implement zero content delivery on your Magento store? I bet these are the questions revolving around your head. In this blog, you will find answers to all your queries. Moreover, you can also make use of Magneto development services for this. Let’s get started!

Understanding Zero Contact Delivery or Contactless Delivery

Zero Contact Delivery is simply a kind of delivery that offers customers an option to buy products from an online store and get doorstep delivery of complete order without coming in contact with anyone even with the delivery boy. By choosing the contactless delivery option the customers can decrease the chance of possible contamination and ensure the security of each stakeholder involved in the process.

This facility may differ from business to business. For example, some eCommerce websites assure to drop orders in the mailbox of the customers. While others choose to leave the order at the customer’s dropbox after informing them through the call and remain at a safe distance until the buyer picks it up. Zero contact delivery has been a new breakthrough in the eCommerce industry. The customers can have access to this path-breaking extension from the checkout page while placing their order. You can ask for web development services from experts to implement zero contact delivery.

How to Implement Zero Contact Delivery Option in Magento 2 Store

Adding this feature to your Magento 2 store isn’t that complex. There are so many websites eCommerce businesses that have repurposed their store to integrate contactless delivery shipping option. To offer a seamless contactless delivery option, you must add a completely new shipping system or restrict specific limitations to your prevailing shipping method. For implementing a new shipping system, you should always seek professional help. Here are the key features of contactless deliver option:

  • Selecting a zero contact delivery option at the checkout.
  • The choice to add a contactless delivery tag to product pages.
  • Multi-store installations support.
  • Added instructions for zero contact delivery for product pages and checkout.
  • Translate text to different languages.
  • No-contact delivery option with particular shipping arrangements.
  • Contactless delivery option with particular payment modes.

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