While designing a website, there are many common errors that often occur during the process. These errors might seem minor during the designing process but later these can make a huge impact on the functionality of the website. Therefore, these errors should be avoided at all costs, if you don’t want to affect the functionality of the website. Millions of websites are running on the internet today. Generally, the users don’t pay much attention to websites that are poorly designed. You must have experienced this by yourself. When you come across a website that is not properly structured, you prefer abandoning it. So if you want to design a highly responsive and interactive website then you can get website designing services from the experts of Qdexi technology

What Errors Should Be Avoided While Designing The Website?

Using Tiny Buttons: This is the most common error which generally frustrates the users. You must ensure that you are decorating your website with large clickable buttons so that users can easily get what they want.  As we all know that people use various devices for accessing the website like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, etc. It becomes difficult to use these buttons for someone is using your website on a mobile device. Therefore it is important to give the appropriate size to the clickable buttons of your website.

Complex Navigation: The users hate being lost on the website. This generally happens when the website has a complex design. Even if you have a lot of information to share on your website, you should manage it in a way so that users can easily find what they are looking for. You should also add breadcrumbs navigation tools in your website. These tools are useful for navigating the path to the customers through your website. This prevents users from getting lost on your website.

Using Lengthy Forms: Most of the website contains the form for the customers where they can fill their details. If you are also adding this form in your website design then you ensure that you are not making it too lengthy. The visitors do not have enough time to fill long forms for finding their queries. It would take a lot of time to reach their destination on your website. When it takes a lot of time to find the information the users prefer visiting another site.

Mobile Responsive Design: As we all know most of the traffic on the website is driven by mobile devices. So it is important to develop a website that is highly compatible with mobile devices. The responsive design of a website that works perfectly on mobile has become the top priority in the development process.

Why Choose Qdexi Technology?

You surely don’t want to lose your potential customers just because of the bad structure of the website.  Qdexi Technology company has backed up with a team of professional designers who keeps the best knowledge of the latest trends of website designing services. However, in this blog, we would address some of the common errors that should be avoided while designing the website.

So if you want to neglect these errors mentioned above in your web designing project, then you must consider hiring professional and experienced developers for it. Qdexi Technology can provide you with sufficient help for this task at very reasonable prices. So what are you waiting for? Hire them now.