PHP is recognized worldwide for streamlining the development of web application. It has become the foremost preference of the developers because of the responsiveness and the great functionality it has to offer to the websites and other applications. The entrepreneurs today are leveraging the frameworks of PHP to fulfill the requirements of their business.

If you are also planning to build a website or any other web portal for your business, then you must be struggling to choose the right framework of it. Well, this blog would help you a lot. Here we are going to address some of the popular frameworks of PHP that you should consider for your development project. Moreover, for those who are looking for professional advice can consult the expert developers of Qdexi technology. As a leading web development company, they can provide you best web solutions.

The Top Frameworks of PHP to Consider in 2019

  • Laravel: There are innumerable reasons why you should choose Laravel framework for the web development project. If you have complex backend requirement for your website or web application then Laravel is the suitable option for you. Whether your business is small and large, then this PHP framework is full of features that can help you customize the application exactly according to your needs. This framework is highly expressive, which makes it a prominent choice for developing modern web application. If you want to build B2B or enterprise websites, you have to evolve with ever-changing web trends. The Laravel is the way to go for this purpose. So, do not think and hire Laravel development services right away.
  • The Yii framework: Another popular framework of PHP is Yii. It is the abbreviation of Yes, it is! This framework is simple and evolutionary. It is known as the high-performance, component-based PHP framework. It is the most preferred framework for developing modern web portals as it is suitable for all kinds of web applications. There are so many benefits for using this universal web programming framework. The Yii offers robust security features which make it the best for the choice for e-commerce projects, web portals, and applications. In addition to this, it is extremely extensible as it allows you to customize every single code.
  • Zend Framework: Zend framework is another popular option available for you. It has features such as inheritance and interface which makes it extendable. The Zend also has a highly customizable feature which makes it best for the complicated and enterprise-level projects. The Zend has MVC components; simple could API, data encryption, etc.  It also allows you to integrate with the external libraries.
  • FuelPHP: The FulePHP provides best web solutions even for the complex things. If security is the major concern for your development project then FuelPHP is best to use. The key features of FuelPHP are HMVC implementation, a URL routing system, caching system.

These are some of the major frameworks of PHP that should be your top preference for any kind of PHP development project. So, if you have already made up your mind to use any of these frameworks then you should immediately contact Qdexi technology. They have the team of expert PHP developers that can assist you for anything. They offer their best web development services at very affordable prices. So instead of waiting contact them today!