Google Analytics is an essential tool for all webmasters. It gives an accurate report about the performance of the website. Plus, it also lets you know about the thing and strategies that need improvements. If you want to improve your content marketing strategy and attract more traffic to your website then Google Analytics can surely help you.

The Google Analytics offers tailor-made dashboard. You can import these custom dashboards for saving your time and efforts. But using these dashboards is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires some technical knowledge to understand everything. If you are not aware of accessing Google Analytics report then it is advisable that you should take professional help. Qdexi Technology is the leading digital marketing company that can provide you best support for this task. You can acquire their search engine optimization services which encompass all the necessary measures of marketing.

What Are The Important Google Analytics Dashboard For Content Marketing?

  • Search Engine Optimization Analytics: Google Analytics can give you accurate insights about search engine optimization. The SEO dashboard is used for determining how well your organic search is performing for your website. It gives you important information about the keywords, landing pages, visitors, etc. It allows you to edit the information where you can exclude branded keywords
  • Conversion tracking: Another useful dashboard of Google Analytics is this conversion tracker. This dashboard works differently for everyone. It is important to have subscribers, leads and followers for increasing the conversion rate on the website. This dashboard allows you to track conversion such as engaged visitors, number of subscribers, resource downloads on your website.
  • Content Analysis Dashboard: This dashboard facilitates the evaluation of the content. It allows you to dig deeper into your content for finding out the flaws and errors. You can see how well your content is performing on the website. You can analyze metrics like Page view, bounce rate, average time spent on the page, keywords performance and much more. You can also check which one of your pages are under performing and over performing. Then data-driven by this report is useful for removing the unnecessary and broken pages from your website.
  • Social media dashboard: Social media is the major platform for marketing these days.  You can use various social media platforms to promote your content. This social media dashboard gives you an overview of the channels where your marketing strategies are performing best. It also allows you to evaluate which social media platform is driving huge traffic to your website. If you want to get full output from this dashboard then you should set some specific goals for your strategies.

Using these dashboards and evaluating its results can be complex for the non-technical person. Therefore, it is recommended that one should take help from the professionals as these reports are crucial for making future strategies.

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