Content creation has always been a challenge for web masters as well as content marketers. Not everyone has potential to create quality and unique content to impress the visitors. Once you have entered to the marketing world you have to be ready all the time to perform different task at the same time. Well, content is the basic foundation on which everything relies. In order to make the most out of content marketing, webmasters often consider taking the Content Writing Services from the professionals.

From the very beginning, you have to work with the quality content on regular basis. You might feel this as so much to do. It is recommended by the digital marketing service providers to create daily writing schedule to keep everything in place. If you are doing with content marketing then publish a blog every once in a while is necessary to keep with your readers.

Now you might be wondering how to write quality content because it is not as easy as it seems. There is so much work to do. Choose a topic that should be not outdated or random, conduct research for information, write down engaging approach and then final step is to do all the editing and proofreading. That is the reason why you should hire the best Content Writers. But to ease all this task there are some tools available.

Want to know about them? Don’t worry, to make the content writing process easy we are going to introduce you to the list of content writing tools that you should use in 2020. With these tools you will be able to polish your content and you can also errors and repetition in your work.  Let’s get into this.

Topmost Tools for Content Writing in 2020

TextExpander: This is the tool available for the Windows, iOS and Mac. You can leverage this tool for matching frequently used phrases, words and templates and they can be set as the shortcuts. This speciality of this tool can speed up your typing process. As soon as you will type the shortcut the tool will immediately add the complete text that you have been intending to type. If you use same phrases over and over again then this tool is for you.

OneTab: Another name in the list is OneTab. As we all know that writing is the task that demands lot of research and you have to conduct all the research on the browsers. So, instead of jumping from one tab to another you can use OneTab. This is a free chrome extension that will immediately convert all your tabs in the single list of the links. This is easy to use because you can easily ready the titles of the pages.

CloudApp: CloudApp is best when you want to add screenshots, screen recordings, GIFs, etc. Right after you will capture the media, it will automatically get stored on the server of CloudApp. This works very fast and you can simply be hassle-free. You can use the free version and it also have paid ones.

ProWritingAid: This is one free tool available online that can be used for the editing. With this you can simply improve your writing. ProWritingAid will mark all the errors in your work and it also provides best recommendations for the writing style.

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