Are you thinking about the development of Rich Internet Applications? It could be a hard decision to choose the right framework for this project especially when there are so many options available. The RIA development services in Qatar offered by specialists can provide you best guidance for this. This blog introduces you to some of the major frameworks that can be used for rich internet application development.

Before getting started on this, let’s take a moment to learn what does exactly rich application development centres.

What is a Rich Internet Application?

Rich internet applications are the sort of web applications that are built with the intention to create related features and functions that are usually integrated into desktop applications. These applications split the processing across the network and control the data delivery, client-side, administration and performance on the user server-side web development services, you can build high-performing rich internet applications.

What are the Best Frameworks for Rich Internet Application Development?

Angular JS

AngularJS is a popular, client-side framework of JavaScript. The best thing about Angular is that it is simply supported by Google. There are many different reasons why Angular is the foremost choice of businesses to build feature-filled, highly responsive, maintainable, and modular Rich Internet Applications. JavaScript and HTML5 work perfectly together which makes it easier to develop high-end web applications essentially from the abstract.


AJAX is best to use when you want to build an SEO-friendly website and customize it according to the requirements of your business. By using AJAX you will be able to renovate your existing application. It adds rich functionality with more modest and constant updates.


Silverlight is quite similar to flex and allows you to develop big-scale and complicated rich internet applications. Silverlight is developed with a community of .Net developers which makes it capable to work with .NET elements. You can take mobile web design services from qualified specialists as they are skilled to work with different platforms.


When it comes to developing larger and more complex applications nothing could be better than Flex. It is best to use when there is a need for high-level performance and data processing. With this, you can squeeze your current web applications with widgets.

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript libraries offer a framework that can be used for the development of Rich Internet applications that utilizes client-side scripting to manage front-end interface functions. These are something like MooTools and jQuery. The libraries provide JavaScript files stuffed with valuable collections and cross-browser compatibility functions for AJAX accessibility. Also, the libraries consist of RIA elements such as graphs, grids, and complicated form components with the advantages of managing AJAX. The JavaScript libraries are also open-source which is the best part.

Concluding Thoughts

These are the major platforms used for the development of rich internet applications. If you are still confused about choosing the right one then here is the solution for you.

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