What comes to your mind when you hear Magento? You might be thinking that it is just a platform that offers you to build the eCommerce websites, right? Well, Magento definitely does that but there is so much more. In the past few years, this platform has gained remarkable popularity among developers. If you have also made up your mind to go with this platform then for your eCommerce web development project then you are on the right path. But before you move ahead to take the Magento Development Services, you should know what you are getting into. You might not be aware but this platform has so much to offer. This blog is going to share some of the coolest features of the Magento platform.

The platform is full of free eCommerce plug-ins and extensions that are capable of increasing the sales of the business by pushing-up user engagement. So, with wasting time anymore, let’s explore some of the best features of the Magento that can make your project even more effective.

Features of Magento Platform for Ecommerce Development

Advertising and marketing tools: If you have a little bit idea about the eCommerce industry then you probably know the fact that nothing works here without marketing and promotions. Your eCommerce website is useless if your customers don’t know about its existence. Therefore, Magento as the most preferred platform offers many tools that make it easier for webmasters to promote and advertise the websites. It allows you to handle your online store effortlessly. Here is the list of marketing tools that come with this platform:

  • Features to distribute the discount coupons, emails, and newsletters
  • Cross-sell products
  • Generate the Product and List Free Shipping Management Options
  • Tools for the Price variations
  • Landing page tools for paid promotion
  • URL tools and much more

SEO-friendly platform: Another feature Magento offers to the eCommerce website is the great SEO compatibility. The websites developed on this platform are SEO-friendly. It has many built-in tools that can enhance the results of your SEO efforts. Below-mentioned are some of the useful SEO-friendly features of the Magento:

  • Generates the Google Sitemaps
  • Modifies and sorts popular searches automatically
  • Compatible with Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Makes it easier to create Meta-tag and description of products
  • The less usage of .css and .js files makes the website faster

Order Management: The management of order is probably one of the most challenging tasks on eCommerce websites. But if you are using the Magento then you can forget about all your worries as it has so many options for that too. Take a look:

  • Creates, view, edit and complete the orders from the panel of the admin
  • Generates invoices, shipments and other kinds of credit memos for the orders
  • Sends email notification to the customers
  • Management of product configuration and change

Final Words

The usefulness of Magento is beyond then the above-mentioned features. It is also known for delivering a great experience to the users. Moreover, the adoption of Magento for E-commerce purposes makes things easier for e-commerce developers. Qdexi Technology is the leading eCommerce development service company that offers reliable support to those who are in need of affordable Magento Development services. So, do not wait and leverage the best e-business solutions of this company.