We all know that the technology of this modern era is increasing day by day. And for that website designing is become a new fashion career. So for that, you face so many problems while creating any website so stop worrying we are you to guide you on how to design or develop a website so what are you waiting for let’s check it out. Weebly website plays a very important role in today’s technology period. For Weebly website development you need to sign up, and then create a domain name, after which you have to choose a pricing plan. Qdexi Technology provides you with the best Weebly website design Sometimes this may sound like a lot, but don’t take tension!  It is a very simple and easy process through which Weebly’s website can be built in just 8 easy ways, and we’ll show you how and take a whole process of Weebly Website Design and Development Services.

Here we will cover the basics procedure which starts from the sign-up to publish process with all the creative content in between, like how to make the most of Weebly’s editing features, edit templates, choose a domain, create apps, and more.  Integrate, and how set up an online store.

Just find out about the process of Weebly website design process

Before that let’s have a quick guide about the main steps:

  • Sign up first
  • Choose a topic
  • Select your domain
  • Design your Weebly website
  • Application adds
  • Select a Pricing Plan
  • Publish your Weebly website
  • Develop and improve your website

Step 1: Sign Up

In the first step, you have to log in to the website this is the first and most crucial part of your website design.

Step 2: Choose a Topic

In the next step, you will choose a topic for your Weebly website. As we know that there are more than 50 themes available on Weebly. They have lots of categories and themes.

Step 3: Select your domain

After choosing a topic then you can select the domain for your website. In that, you have to choose whether you want to take a custom or free domain

Domain selection is very easy because Weebly will automatically give a domain name for that you can get a free domain name by Weebly after selecting the subdomain option.

Step 4: Design your Weebly website

After domain selection now you can Start designing your Weebly website. You can get a Weebly website editor and after that, you can choose so many options shown one by one to design your website.

Step 5: Application Add

After Designing the website now you have to add some applications in your Weebly website. Applications are shown on the top navigation bar is ‘Apps’.  Weebly has an application to help you increase your performance and audience.  We recommend adding some popular apps like ‘Site Booster’ and ‘Content Color Box’.that helps to customize your website.

Step 6: Select a Pricing

And then you will choose to price of your plan and which plan is suitable for you and your website we’ve assumed that you’re happily building on the free plan.  However, as we have seen many times where you may want to upgrade your website for example, to unlock many Advance features.

Step 7: Publish your Weebly website

After setting a pricing plan now you have to publish or post your Weebly website. Now you will happy and feeling glad with what you are created, you can now publish.  Great!  Sometimes you’re not completely satisfied with your work so stop worrying– you can go back to the Weebly website editor to make some changes after publishing.

 After the publication of your website, press the blue ‘Publish’ button in the upper right corner.  You will then get a notification popup telling you that your website has been published, and how to integrate ‘Pro Tip’.  Weebly really wants your website to be successful.

Step 8:Develop and improve your website

After publication sometimes your website is not working properly or it may be not developed so for that you will choose some creative ideas for your website that helps you to improve and develop your Weebly website.  So there is some easy processes of Weebly website designing We hope you got about the procedure. If we see From a journey of signing up to publishing, It really is that simple for you!

Website Weebly is a great option for anyone looking for a basic learning class in website design.  It is amazing and value for your money, which is very unique and ideal if you are building on a budget. Plus, it’s pretty straightforward, so anyone can use it!  Weebly website provides you with very creative ideas for your website development. And only this it will also give a clear and clean template with professional touch but not as contemporary as we’d like. If we see overall we reach that This website is a solid website design builder. With the advantage of a free website builder, though we recommend choosing a premium plan for a more advanced, personalized Weebly website designing tool that actually works for you.

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