The most common misconception about the lead generation is it all about the secret method which is actually far from the truth. The lead generation process could be daunting especially when you are using it alongside digital marketing campaigns. But whether you believe it or not, in the end, all this worth it. Therefore, it is important to build the lead generation strategy for your business that is based on the tested channels and contains the most effective combination of strategies and tactics to reach your business goals. Before creating any confusion let’s move further and start with the guidance to converting leads into potential customers. Plus, we will show you how you can use lead generation campaign services in the whole process.

How to Start with Lead Generation Campaign

lead generation campaigns

The B2B lead generation is not restricted to only one platform but expanded to many more. The B2B lead generation campaign includes social media channels, email marketing, blogging, press release, PPC and strategies to work accordingly. You may be aware of or worked on all these aspects of lead generation as they are also a part of the digital marketing solution. Get a closer look to have a better understanding of some of these important aspects.

Social Media Marketing Strategies


Social media is a crucial aspect of the B2B lead generation. As a marketer, you don’t need to pay that much amount on the social media ads to get effective results. However, Unlike B2C, social media is more complicated in the B2B process.

The possible conversion rate of social media marketing

Well, we certainly cannot define the total conversion rate of the social media marketing but there are some assumptions you can use while investing in the social media marketing techniques. According to the study of the Marketo social media conversion at 1.98 % while inbound at 3.89%. The result was provided after determining over 4000 user data. This statistic determines that social media marketing may fall back when compared to other B2B channels. For initial you can focus on two channels:

  • LinkedIn Ads: – When it comes to the B2B sales, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for the marketers. However, investing in a channel with the highest engagement rate doesn’t guarantee your success but if done correctly it can target potential customers and bring more sales leads to the customers.
  • Facebook Ads: – Facebook leads are generally designed for the lead generation purpose via Facebook Ads. This Facebook ads are easy and allow B2B marketers to sign up and run their ads. There are around 2.23 billion users so running an Facebook ad on the platform can generate more than expected sales leads.

PPC Lead Generation Strategies



PPC or pay per click covers a wide range of advertising platforms including the most popular Google AdWords as well.  However, there are several PPC lead generation option you can choose from like:

  • B2B comparison sites
  • Social media advertising
  • Affiliate marketing

The possible conversion rate of PPC campaign

The possible conversion rate of PPC campaign is 2.70% but you should know that it can be changed on the basis of your industry and strategies.

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