Are you thinking about renovating the design of your website? Well, you should know that a huge proportion of web design is concerned with typography. This is not about choosing different typefaces. It is important to use them properly. The typography has a far-reaching impact on almost all the essential components of the website. It influences the user experience, readability of the content, user perception and most importantly the interface of your website. Therefore, choosing the most suitable typography style is necessary for designing the website.

This task is not a cup of tea for everyone. There is a need to hire professional designers for managing this task because they know how to do it. If you are trying to find a reliable source for giving a new facelift to your website, then Qdexi Technology is your spot. You can hire web designing services from this company. We all know that it is important to follow the latest trends when it comes to web designing. However, in this blog, we would tell you about the latest trends in typography.

Have a Look at the Top Typography Trends in Web Designing

  • Go Bold: The bold is the never-ending trend that is going to stay forever. It is the primary web designing element that makes your text look big, bold, impactful and dramatic. You must have noticed on various websites that the images are being replaced with the bold headlines on home pages. If you want your text to scream out loud then go bold. This typography is best for giving a loud design to the website.
  • Do Not Forget The Serifs: People have this misconception that serifs make your text hard to read. Well, this is totally wrong. They are highly in trend in 2019. So if you are using the Serifs then you must look for the lettering styles and the line spacing. It makes your words easy to understand. The serifs have so many characters and charm. The classic and simple look of serif can enhance the entire look of your website.
  • Bring Animation: Animation is the biggest overall trend of designing. So why don’t you use it in the typography as well? Using animation in the typography of the website can make it more interactive and impressive. It is also good for a rich user experience. But there are many things that should be kept in mind while working with animated typography. Sometimes the heavy accommodation fails to work properly. So you must consider the speed of text. Plus, the lettering should be clear and concise.
  • Glorious Colour Fonts: Colours make everything beautiful. There is no reason why someone wouldn’t want to use colour when it comes to designing. This is why the colour fonts are next in the list of top typography trends. These colour fonts are popular in web designing projects because the colour adds extra visuals and it intensifies the look of words. But you must ensure that you are not using so many different colours, it could leave a totally different impact. The colour selection should be done wisely so that your typography doesn’t look ugly.

These were the few trends of typography that you can use while designing the website. If you need any kind of helping hand for this task, then do not hesitate to contact the experts of Qdexi Technology. They hold special expertise in designing and developing the website. So hire them today!