Today, before starting a new development project, it is crucial to choose an ideal framework. Nowadays, it is hard to build complex web applications in a specific time without one. Is it Laravel Vs Symfony Framework? However, there are many frameworks are available but no one has the potential to match the capabilities of PHP framework. There are around 78.9% of global websites run on the PHP framework so, you can surely say that PHP is one of the most popular frameworks. Many popular web developments have their default frameworks for instance: – Ruby has rails and Python has Django as their respective framework but when it comes to the PHP development solutions it is not limited to a single framework. There are multiple PHP frameworks a developer can choose from.

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According to the Google survey, from the available frameworks, Laravel and Symfony are the most popular one. But a developer can get confused while deciding to choose from both of them. To make things easier for developers, we are going to provide a comparison among the Laravel and Symfony. The readers are presumed to have some knowledge about the best PHP MVC development solutions.

Laravel Vs Symfony Framework


Laravel Framework

When speaking about the Laravel framework, we are talking about the latest version which is Laravel 4. The framework itself declared an ideal one to develop MVC based applications along with the syntax easy to learn, use and maintain. Laravel is more popular than any other frameworks. As per the 5 years of Google survey, it ranked as the second most powerful framework.

Symfony Framework

Symfony is the PHP based framework designed by a French company Sensio Labs and an ideal framework for the large-scale projects. The latest version of the Symfony is 3.2 which is the incremental version of Symfony 2 which was launched in 2011. Therefore, it is often known as Symfony2/3.  Similar to Laravel Symfony is designed to create websites that are flexible and can be changed as per the business requirements. The framework can be used with some of the largest open-source platforms like Drupal, Piwik, PHPBB, etc.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Installation Process


Both frameworks are easy to install as they come with wrappers and installers available on the PHP web server. Let’s move forward and start with:

Symfony installation process

To install the Symfony framework, you have to follow the below process.

  • Downloading Symfony installer:
    sudo curl -LsS -o /usr/local/bin/symfony
  • Granting permissions to execute installer: sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/symfony
  • Creating new Symfony project:
    symfony new symfony_project
  • Launching built-in server:
    cd symfony_project/ && php bin/console server:start

That’s it once you have completed the process you can start running Symfony framework.

Laravel Installation process

The Laravel framework installation is similar to the symfony and the only difference is that you have to install the Laravel through composer.

  • Downloading Laravel installer using Composer: composer global require “laravel/installer”
  • Creating new Laravel project: laravel new laravel_project
  • Launching built-in server: cd laravel_project/ && php artisan serve

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Laravel Vs Symfony: Code Organization


Symfony contains the reusable components while both of the frameworks can utilize MVC architecture for web application development. Although, Symfony is still more preferable for complex projects as one can work on numerous components which enables the faster development.

Laravel Vs Symfony: Continuous Integration (CI)

Every time when a developer makes changes in the codes with or without the help of Laravel development services, it always requires a review along with certain re-configuration and tests. Developers can find self-hosted CI packages in both Laravel and Symfony but when it comes to the database support Symfony is surely a winner.


In the end, which framework you will choose is surely depends on your needs and requirements. If you are looking for ideal web development services then you can visit Qdexi Technology as they are the best web development company who deliver reliable services at the best price possible.