Investing in the PPC campaign is an important yet tough decision that can make or break your online business. No! It is not about scaring you but makes you learn how you can use competitive research to make thing a lot easier for you. In the last blog, we have discussed about the SEMrush which is an online competitive intelligence suite, mostly used by online marketers to analyse the online marketing strategies of their competitors. When it comes to PPC advertising, many of us rely on the competitor analysis.

It is necessary to keep an eye on your competitors to claim the victory. The situation is similar to a Marathon athlete who constantly looks over his shoulder to maintain his first position. As an experienced marketer, we have found out things that worth analysing in competitor’s PPC strategies. In the below post, we are also going to explain how you can use your competitive research to adjust your own business strategy to stay ahead in the race.

Major Things You Can Analyse in Your Competitor’s Strategies

Competitor strategies analysis

Here is the list of things, you can analyse in the competitor’s strategies. 

  • Competitor Keywords:  Are you missing something?

No matter, how much efforts you put in your keyword research there is always an iota chance that you have missed something! Something that is relevant or maybe important for your PPC campaigns in potential terms or frames. Exploring the grounds of the competitors can leave you with some fresh ideas that can actually reboot your sales leads. Find out what keywords your competitors are using? Are your competitors are bidding on some potential keywords you have missed? It is crucial to check where your competitors are outperforming so, you can shift your focus on a particular aspect.

In the long run, your business goal should expand your keywords with more research terms so you can reach more customers and convert better.

  • Ads: Focus On Revitalising Your Ads

Let’s me give you an option. Would you rather sit in front of a blank screen looking for some creativity or you would like to see your competitor’s ads for some inspiration? The second one, right? Your competitors could be using keywords to advertise that you may not know unless you are keeping an eye on them. There are numerous online tools like the “Ad Builder” that allows you to discover how your competitors have structured their ads. You can also see the top ads in your category. You can directly trigger your creativity by watching the ads of your competitors.

  • Mobile Vs Desktop

According to the recent survey, the majority of the people around the world use mobile devices more than desktops. Some ads that work on the mobile devices will not work on the desktop or the other way around. You need to find out what ads your competitors are using to successfully reach your customers.

You must note down the industry you are working it. So, it will a lot easier for you to find out which media you need to use more frequently.

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