Your content marketing strategy might be different but keywords are that one bounding factors that gives it a shape. If your keyword research is not in the right direction then all your content marketing efforts will go in vain. In fact, high-volume keywords are the key drivers for any marketing campaign. However, Content Writing Services is one shortcut used by everyone to save all the time and efforts associated with this task.

This is all about the approach you have been using to do the keyword research. If you are targeting right keywords then you content will surely be more visible in the search engine result pages. We all know that search engines keep bring new updated algorithms to become more powerful and smart. Similarly, the keyword research tools are also coming with advance features to make your search more accurate.

It has become mandatory for us to change our strategies timely considering the dramatic shift of SEO. Keyword research being the initial step of any marketing campaign should be done correctly. In this blog, we have put together brainstorming ideas that will help you find accurate keywords used by your targeted audience. This way you can simply optimise your content for better ranking results. Let’s walk you through this!

Steps To Do Keyword Research

Do Niche Study: You might be assuming that keyword research is meant to be done using the tools. Yes! You are right. But these tools can’t help you if you don’t have complete knowledge about your niche. Therefore, before directly jumping to the keyword research it is important to understand your business niche. This study will serve you with some out-of-the-box ideas. Here are few ideas that can help you with this:

  • Communicate with the existing customer to find out what they want. You can also ask them to name the terms they will be using while defining your brand, business and products.
  • Start thinking from the perspective of your targeted audience.
  • Keep yourself involved into the niche and industry your business is dealing in.

Make A List of Potential Words: Based on the major category that you have been targeting, you can prepare a list of potential keywords related to your brand or products and services. Do not forget to research the terms your audience might be searching for on Google.

Utilize the Keyword Research Tool: Once you are done with the manually research it’s time for the automated one. After you have gained a rough idea about your keywords you can begin searching for the right keyword research tools. There are so many of them available such as Google AdWords: Keyword Planner, Google Correlate, Keyword Tool, Soovle, Keyword In, etc. You can choose one that suits your requirements. You can hire SEO services in the UK for more knowledge about it.

Identify Long Tail Keywords: Shorter search terms are not enough. You have to find the long tail keywords as well because they are more descriptive. Make sure that long tail keywords matched the search intent of the audience. This would also increase the conversion rate on your website.

Concluding Thoughts

Once you have gone through these steps, the keyword research will become hundred times easier for you. Here’s another solution for you.

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