Joomla is one of the leading content management system utilized to develop, design, maintain, and publish website content, intranets, mobile applications, and blogs. The scalable MVC structure of Joomla makes it’s a great option for building web applications. The Joomla Development Services have been a great support for developing super functional and robust websites

More than 3% of the websites available on the Internet are powered by Joomla. This content management system has a market share of more than 9%. Joomla is capable enough to power the web presence of thousands of tiny corporations, governments, and big businesses worldwide.

As a well-recognized content management system managed by a huge community of millions of developers all across the world, there are endless reasons why Joomla should be your top priority for the development of websites and web applications. In this blog, we are going to share the major features of Joomla that will tell you why it is superior to other content management systems. Let’s have a look.

Why Joomla is Optimum Option for Web Development?

Multilingual Functionality

Joomla is the most common and extensively supported open-source multilingual content management system in the world that offers its services in more than 64 languages. Content creators and Webmasters are capable to create websites to be offered in various languages. This doesn’t ever require moving outside of the alternatives accessible with Joomla core content management system. This is one of the biggest sets of capabilities of Joomla as you can make websites functional and much more accessible targeting a much wider audience.

Well Supported

Another great feature of Joomla is that it has a huge community of developers working behind it. This solid community is loaded that individuals as well as teams of experienced developers and business specialists who actively assist at no value in the discussions. You can say that Joomla has thousands of service providers that are capable to develop, manage, and market your projects. You can take website development services offered by the professionals to know more about this.

Easy Updates

It can be one big challenge that happens with the software is to keep it updated. Fortunately, Joomla comes with a single click version update quality. This makes the entire process accessible for users. Joomla has a built-in updater and it also has an automated controller that notifies all kinds of updates. It is important to keep your website up to date is one of the best ways to strengthen its security. Joomla provides you with the tools to do all these kinds of efforts.

Security-Centered Development

Codebase of Joomla is specially designed to be sturdy. Joomla also comes with built-in extensive access control levels and two-factor authentication. The security of the platform is out of the box. Joomla‘s dedicated Security Strike Team always aims to be forward of the curve and has prominence for delivering applications before exploits are broadly known in the wild.

Media Manager

As one of the well-recognized content management systems, Joomla offers you access to one amazing tool called Media Manager. This tool helps in organizing, uploading, and maintaining the media folders and files. The configurable MIME settings of Joomla allow you to handle more than one type of files. The Media Manager is integrated within the Article Editor from where you can get access to the media files and images.

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