Choosing the right content management system or CMS is important for any business website as this decision can make a huge impact on the overall look and performance. Now the question is what to choose among both as small enterprises do not have enough budget to hire both of them. So, what they are going to choose will they choose WordPress development service or Joomla development service? There is only one way to find this out to do the fair comparison in between WordPress and  Joomla.

Narrowing down the available options there are two platforms that stand above the crowd known as WordPress and Joomla. Both platforms are the best in their fields and famous for their ease to use, extensive feature and large-scale communities.

WordPress vs Joomla: Comparing the Features


Both WordPress and Joomla have their own pros and cons but both can be used to build a reliable and feature filled business websites so, how the audience is going to choose which one is the right for them? To resolve this issue we have decided to provide a fair comparison among both platforms. The result will help readers to determine which platform is the best for them. So, let’s move further and start the comparison.

  • Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization is necessary to make the website appear on the various search engines. While comparing the search engine capable of both Joomla and WordPress, Joomla gives a slight edge due to its feature that allows users to set the Meta description and Meta keywords for the new article. Looking at the WordPress it offers the most popular Yoast SEO plugin- it is powerful and comes with lots of features and the plus point is anyone can get a good grip on it within seconds. Yoast can easily categorise you SEO score in different part using the light system similar to traffic signals. Furthermore, it also guides to how to improve your score in the specific area.

    While comparing both platforms we have found that easy fronted SEO of the Joomla is better than the Yoast.

  • Security

    The security has become an important issue due to hacking and online theft. So, when it comes to choosing a framework people only want to go with the most secure platform. We all are aware of the fact that WordPress is a popular framework which certainly makes it a giant target for hackers. Therefore, each WordPress install is unique and comes with thousands of plugins and themes. Although thousand plugins and themes may sound tempting if you look from the security point, it is no less than a nightmare as they have to make sure each plugin and theme meet safety standard work securely. Users have to update the core files to enable secure socket layer and two-factor authentication.

    On the other side, Joomla works with both secure socket layer and two-factor authentication. Plus, the platform has its own set of security extension with known vulnerabilities.

  • Customized potential

    As we have already mentioned the WordPress plugin and Joomla extensions. Both platforms have their own set of plugins. However, when it comes to the plugin, WordPress development service offers thousands of plugins and similar to themes. Not only you can access quality themes but they often provide high support and better experience.

In some way, WordPress is more flexible than Joomla while in other scenarios it is just the opposite. But in the end, the decision of choosing the PHP CMS development service is solely upon you.