Now that you have been thinking about developing an eCommerce website, you must be having the hard time choosing the right platform for it. When you have hundreds of platforms available, it can be little challenging to select the right one for eCommerce development services.

WordPress is the name that immediately hits the mind whenever it comes to the development of websites. But if you have been developing the eCommerce website then it has some different requirements.

So, if you have think that would it be appropriate to use WordPress for eCommerce development or not then here is the guide for you. This will tell you about the details you should know before setting up your online store.

WordPress eCommerce Website or Shopify Store?

The choice is very simple here. If you are developing an eCommerce website then you need to consider your needs first. Whether it is 100% content focused or 100% eCommerce focused? Here are good options for both the scenarios.

WordPress: As we all know that WordPress is the rich content management system that is champ in effective management of websites. If you are about to develop a website with tons of content or planning to pursue SEO strategy for business then nothing could be better than WordPress. No other platform comes closer to providing all the features that you need to manage the content. This is the reason why WordPress development service is priority for everyone.

Shopify: If you want an eCommerce store through which you can sell your products and services then Shopify is the best option. The functionality, the price and the ease of use offered by Shopify platform is superior. Another impressive thing about Shopify is that you can scale up your small business without any complications.

Why Shopify is the Best Option for Development of eCommerce Websites?

If you are using Shopify for the web development services then you have immediate access to the unique features of this platform. Here are the bunch of the unique features that you can integrate to your website by using Shopify:

  • Shopping carts
  • Check-out and payment gateways
  • Integrations combined with shipping providers
  • Simple methods to handle all your product pages
  • Integrations with payment providers
  • Integrations and Fulfillment Options
  • Income reporting
  • Return and Refund management
  • Integrations with ecommerce websites such as Amazon

We can say that Shopify was built with the level up to all the necessary features of eCommerce website while WordPress is the content management system that is not capable enough to handle all these things.

By using Shopify, you have access to everything out of the box. With just simple configuration you are good to go. This platform enables you to customize your store according to your needs. There is the huge community of developers working behind platform which enables you to use more advanced features of the platform.

Hire Qdexi Technology for Developing Perfect eCommerce Website

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