The effectiveness of your new iPhone app development highly depends on the fact how your development team tackle down the challenges related to development process. For iPhone application development service provider keeping the track of the ongoing changes and making an iOS application that is well acquainted with the changes is one of the hardest challenge they encounter during the entire mind-numbing process.Generally, a well-designed and developed mobile application increases the visibility of the brand but to reach that point, you need to find a “good” developer. But determining the capabilities for the iPhone development is not an easy task, is it? Plus, the Apple is not on the mission to make things easier anytime sooner for you. The platform keeps changing the hardware by introducing new software every once in a while.

How to Overcome the Development Challenges?

So, what option do you have? Well, there are two main options to overcome this challenge:

First: You need to stay updated

You need to connect with the iOS community to learn about the latest innovation and technology to resolve the development issues.

Second: Hire an experienced mobile app developer

This is the way how mobile app development companies introduce knowledge and expertise in the development team.

Of course, the above two ways are the obvious one but the thing is sometimes these obvious practices comes handy if practiced regularly with the right investment and strategy which surprisingly many development companies fail to do.

The best way to develop an effective iOS mobile application is to learn about the development challenges and what can be done to overcome them. Along with the mobile application development service provider, mobile application owners should also have a clear and concise idea about the iOS development challenges so, they don’t panic during the development process.

Top iOS App Development Challenges

Here are some of the top iOS app development challenges that web development agencies have to face while developing iOS mobile applications.

First: Lack of compatibility

Apple has recently reached to 64-bits. This means developers have to make their applications compatible with the 64-bits technology of Apple. Although, most of the users have not completely shifted to 64-bits Apple’s way of treating the older versions of the application is still controversial.

On the other hand, if the application is not updated on a regular basis, then it can slow down the overall device. Hence, iOS developers have to update their applications with each release.

Second: Memory and storage limitation

This is the second most challenging thing developers have to face during mobile application development. The issue is directly related to the memory and storage limitations of the Apple devices as each of them has its own set of memory and storage space.  Developers often miss to check out the limitations of the devices before developing the applications for them.

Third: Battery consumption

No one wants to use an application that drains their battery power too quickly. The problem arises when the developers want to add too many features in the application that consumes battery instantly. And developers just look at the demand graphs and add more features with each application totally neglecting the battery life consumption.

The apple no doubt brings new hardware and software update each year that just contribute more to the current development challenges. If you still wish to develop an application on the iOS platform, then make sure you are only acquiring development solutions from the experienced iOS development agency like Qdexi Technology.