Efficient management of an eCommerce store takes too much time and efforts. The majority of store owners keep seeking the automated tools and extensions to manage products on their store. Magento development services has been a great support for this. But at the same time the use of automated extensions can make things even better. Fortunately, Magento has import & export extensions that allow importing XML, CSV, as well as JSON files that contain the data and images of the products to any Magento 2 based eCommerce website. This saves a lot of time and effort whenever it comes to renewing data or recovering data for additional use in your online store.

If you want to know more about the Import & Export extensions of Magento 2 then this blog is for you. Here we are about to discuss the best extensions that can automate so many things for you. Let’s check them out.

Best Import and Export Extensions for Magento 2

Category Import/Export: This is the first extension that comes to the mind when somebody asks for automation on their eCommerce store. With this powerful and easy to use extension you can simplify some ordinary tasks. It allows to import as well as export all the important categories and sub-categories available on your website. Adding to that, it also extracts relevant data such as Meta Title, Description, and other things. By using CSV files you can even build more than one category and these can be smoothly updated in Magento 2.

Static Block Import/Export: It is another amazing yet easy to use extension that can automate so many things on your store. This static extension is useful for transferring static blocks without any core changes in file. Using CSV format you can also import and export Magent 2 CMS static blocks. It also updates and manage current static blocks. This is one good extension to deal with bulky data. To integrate this extension in your website you can take eCommerce development services from the professionals.

CMS Page Import/Export: This is the extension that is specially designed for Magento 2. It comes with the user-friendly interface that can provide ease to regular Magento 2 tasks. This extension facilitates importing and exporting of all the web pages with multiple fields associated with them. It includes URL key, page title, date developed, content heading, layout type, CMS content, Meta description, and many more.

Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews: For Magento 2, Import and export various product reviews is one best extension. This operates with CSV files and in just one click. This is the extension that is used for importing review data for multiple products at a time. It comprises of review titles, ratings, and descriptions, and so much more.  This doesn’t demand too much time and effort. The best thing about this extension is that it supports various Magento 2 stores. It displays a message about the quantity of rows reviews that are added, whenever you are successfully importing reviews for a Magento 2 powered stores.

Boiling it down: We have explained all the important Magento 2 extensions that you can use for better management of the store. These are specially designed for the optimization of your Magento store. If you still have any doubts then here is the solution for you.

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