Have you been planning to expand the web presence of your business? If yes, an international SEO strategy is something you need. As one of the scalable and cost-effective strategies, it provides you with the opportunity to reach your desired audience. You can make use of International SEO services to acquire better results. But if you are wondering what are the additional elements that you have to take care of for acquiring beneficial SEO results.

In this blog, we are going to present you with the guide that you need to follow for international SEO as it can help you reach beyond boundaries. Let’s walk you through the fundamental stages of the International SEO process.

Strategies to Follow for Implementing International SEO Process

Perform Extensive Research


Like any other SEO strategy, international SEO must begin with primary research to verify the opening point and the potential for the global market. This will make it easier for you to prioritize and fix your target. You can begin by learning the current status of international organic search results for visibility, traffic, engagement, and conversion rate by addressing the following topics:

  • What countries and languages have been providing visibility and traffic through an organic search?
  • What are the volume and trends for organic search visibility and traffic over time?
  • Are there any conversion volumes coming from different international markets?

By addressing these questions you will be able to identify the current international markets and plan your strategies ahead. The SEO services providers make use of this strategy for better reach and conversions.


Come Up with the Best URL Structure for your Audience


Research is the best way to deal with your audience. Having a good URL structure will make it easier for you to build trust and confidence.  Following are the most usual options you have:

  • Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs for short) example.de
  • ccTLDs or global top-level-domains (gTLDs for short) in sequence with subdomains Example: de.example.com
  • ccTLDs or gTLDs in sequence with subfolders Example: example.com/es/
  • ccTLDs or TLDs with a sequence of subdomains and subfolders Example: es.example.com/es-mx/


Perform a Keyword Research


Proceed with the keyword research to come up with the accurate term that you want to target through the SEO process. Prioritize the audiences to whom you want to provide your services. If you are just translating the keywords then don’t do it as it could change the real meaning of the things. You can get access to any keyword research tool to identify the right terms that your audience has been using to find the products and services related to yours.


Work On the Link Building Strategy to Solidify Your SEO Roots

Unless you are a big brand of something, you might not get many links organically. It is important for you to work on the strategy that will help you gain the links you need to strengthen your SEO.  The markets work in different ways which means that you have to take that into the consideration too. Your link building strategy must be crafted according to your International SEO requirements.

International SEO always works better when you understand how to perfectly serve your audience. You can optimize the strategy for better results.


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