Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken over the world by storm. Now everyone is on Instagram and even dogs and cats. You must have noticed that brands have started making presence on the platform. Instagram is worth their time and your business should also be interested in it too. You should consider using Social Media Marketing Services to do everything right. If you are wondering what’s behind all this hype then have a look at these facts and figures:

  • Instagram has over 1 Billion active monthly users.
  • 500 Million Instagram Stories are posted daily on the platform.
  • In the U.S., there are 130 million Instagram users.
  • Instagram is the second most popular social network after Facebook.
  • Users browse Instagram for an aggregate of 53 minutes per day.
  • There are around 25 Million business profiles on the platform.
  • At least one business account is followed by 90% of Instagram users.
  • 83% of users admit that Instagram has served them to discover new products and services.

This makes it clear that Instagram is not just a social network for personal use. From this biggest global platform, businesses are leveraging amazing results. The brands are humanizing their content, selecting new talent, exhibiting new products, and encouraging their audience. Instagram users are not just active on the platform; they engage. Instagram can make it easier for you to grow and strengthen your brand awareness and launch new products in the market.

You can promote your brand in a user-friendly and genuine way without selling it hard to your customers. Let’s have a look at the best and effective ways how Instagram can be used for B2B marketing.

Ways to Use Instagram for B2B Marketing

Optimize your Instagram Business Profile: Setting up account is not enough, there are so many other things that you have to do to make it compelling for the users. Choose your profile picture, update all the information about your business, and do the needful. You can use logo or other related image on your Instagram profile so that people start getting familiar with it. Also, do not forget to stay consistent with the branding and visual marketing. You can make use of SMO services in the USA for this.

Manage the Settings: You must switch your account to business profile to access the amazing marketing tools offered by the platform. For business profiles, Instagram give access to more features to expand the reach of these accounts. You should keep checking insights and performance of your posts. Make your account public so that every visitor can have a look at your account.

Know Your Audience: When you are trying to attract new customers to your website, you should always perform significant research about them. Consider it as a key to drive traffic to your Instagram account. You can develop a buyers’ persona to know them better. Make the use of analytical tools and demographics to understand them better.

Post Unique and Quality Content: If you want to standout on Instagram then make sure that you are serving your audience with the quality content and unique posts. This will help you increase engagement on your account and you will be able to see significant improvements in your metrics.

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