Magento’s first version was launched back in August 2007. It has served diverse businesses in stabilizing their brand presence. Magento didn’t stop there. The Magento development service is consistently improvising for delivering better eCommerce solutions to the businesses. If you are seeking to strengthen the presence online of your business, then you must consider using Magento. Magento Commerce is 2.3. 4 (EE and CE) is the latest version that was released on October 8, 2019.

Have you been looking forward to setting up an eCommerce store that manages a large product inventory? Magento 2 suits best for this purpose. This version of Magento is capable to handle tremendous product data and never jeopardizes performance.

So, if you have not already migrate your website to this version then stop right here! We are going to share some inevitable reasons why you should do it immediately!

Why You Should Migrate to Magento 2?

Modernized Technology Stack

Magento 2 has updated the minimum accounts of the technology stack. This suggests e.g. that PHP 5.5 is the smallest variant supported. Besides MySQL 5.6, CSS3, HTML5, are now official.

Better Scalability and Performance

The most prominent feature of Magento 2 is that it has a built-in full page cache. This FPC maintains varnish as back-end. The load time for the home, goods, and section pages on the initial composition will be fast (shorter than 1.5 sec/page) and faster when the cache is enabled (smaller than 0.75 sec/page).

Magento 2.0 goes well with varnish 4, and the HHVM 3.6. This makes it easier to compile PHP code on the fly. Magento 2 is faster than Magento 1 as it comprises many useful features. It has so much stuff that gets pre-compiled or prepared with AJAX in Magento 2.

It is simple to do database distribution by practical area. (i.e.) the product knowledge is collected in a diverse DB server and this recovers product information faster for users who are scanning for that information.

Pages Load Faster

Magento 1.x requires dozens of JS to be filled just to create an individual page. This has been diminished in Magento 2 making the page load faster. JavaScript command has been updated with the progress from prototype JS to JQuery and Need JavaScript Bundling has also been executed to decrease the load time of the page. You can take eCommerce development services from professionals to make your website faster.

Smooth Customization

Codebase has been restructured so that everything special to a module remains below an individual directory for that module. Magento 2 makes use of the defacto PHP package Composer, and Manager to handle the module installation. The presentation logic and business logic has also been classified so that it is simple to customize and manage customization even when product pieces are installed.

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