The web developers invest their time and effort in creating responsive and attractive sites. They require certain frameworks, languages, and tools to construct a website, that is comprised of PHP, CSS, and HTML like basic tools and on the other hand, Drupal is another flexible CMS (Content Management System) that requires specific skills and tools. If you want to take the Drupal development service, Qdexi technology can help you in completing your dream project. Our experts provide quality solutions according to your chosen services. You can visit our official site to grab further information.

Tips for Drupal Developers

  • CLI (Command –Line Interface)- It is a basic tool used since the invention of computers, but still plays an important role in today’s life. Though, Drupal has its CLI tools to make repetitive tasks and can be used to make development practices and ease out many related tasks. Drush is mainly used as a tool to manage Drupal sites and perform its functions.
  • Twig Templating Engine: To have a piece of knowledge about templates can prove beneficial for Drupal developer. Twig being a template engine for PHP programming language is important for Drupal and especially effective in developing Drupal 8.
  •  PHP Framework: Drupal 7 was built on a custom PHP framework, whereas Drupal8 is built on Symfony. It means the Drupal developer must be familiar with both PHP and another programming language as well.
  • Package Managers: It is used for the installation of external frameworks and libraries. It can help you to save your time and efforts by providing a comprise form of reusable plug-in and libraries. Nowadays, the composer is famous to install Drush like tools and to manage it effectively.
  •  Drupal Security Knowledge: Though, Drupal is considered as a most secure CMS. Developers concerns about developing secure sites from external threats and updates for its better performance. The team puts their best efforts to keep the site safe and secure.
  • Knowledge of Drupal Modules: The panels, views, and C-tools are the common modules considered for its functionalities and to improve its performance by saving time for a developer. These modules can be used for easy navigation of the graphics, designs, and content on the site.
  • Core Functioning of Drupal: The difference among Drupal CMS (Content Management System) and other is necessary for the Drupal function. Drupal is an efficient CMS framework among the rest and suitable as per the website requirement. The basic knowledge of the CMS system is the basic concept considered by the Drupal developer.
  • Theming: It is an important aspect of Drupal. Templating can help you to learn new frameworks such as Mustache, jade, Twig, and syntax. The resemblance between the syntax and the principles must be applied to the languages to continue the process.
  • Debugging: It can help the developer to directly identify the problem instead of speculating every code. Developers must aware of debugging while working on Drupal, as a single message can provide you about error information. XDebug and Devel can help you to find the exact problem where the code is not functioning to solve the problem.
  •  Sharing with the Community: Whenever there would be an issue related to the project, one can easily retrieve it by addressing the problem to the developer about the functionality of the Drupal and can take help from them to resolve the problem.

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