In earlier days, gaming was exercised to get relax and avoid boredom but now, in modern days, technology has covered many key areas gaming is one of them. Developing a game app can boost your business. it will prove effective and efficient for your business growth. There are many technical terms you might come across while developing these apps advertising the same will prove beneficial by detailing. The app should be created in an order that it should be accessible on PC, Web and mobile platforms.

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Terms Related To Game Development

  • Ad Exchange: In online marketing, ad exchange authorizes advertisers and publishers to promote their business by creating an interactive advertisement to get noticed among users. Advertisers buy inventory from ad exchanges by operating the demand-side platform to manage advertising campaigns. It is an effective and efficient method of advertising.
  • Ad Fraud : It is an indicator of fraudulent activity to deceive advertisers by receiving a certain amount. The trickster can hide the original data by sending the high number of clicks before the installs.
  • Ad Inventory?: The ad space provided by the publisher where advertisers pay a certain amount for placing their advertisement .it can be also be used in print or other media. it is valued in terms of site traffic and ad views. This is measured by impressions. The ad space is comprised of premium guaranteed, audience target, remnant, and sponsorships. The cost of Ad inventory is calculated by considering CPC (cost per click), CPM and CPA
  • Ad Network : It is a method of online advertisement acts as a mediator between advertisers, who want to purchase and the publisher who want to manage ads. It allows advertisers to buy digital ads on the publisher site. Ad networks manage campaigns on behalf of agencies and advertisers. It is considered as the most effective and profitable.
  • Cost Per Mille (CPM): CPM is a method used to determine the cost of the advertisement. This can be measured by click-through rate. It is calculated as
    CPM= cost*1000/impressions. It is an important criterion for both advertisers and app developers.
  • Effective Cost Per Mille(eCPM) : eCPM is generally based on CPM but it is measured by different calculations.CPM is measured to find the cost of the campaign whereas eCPM is used to determine the value of it. It is calculated as
  • Header Bidding : Header bidding or pre-bidding is an advanced programmatic technique where publishers propose inventory to multiple ad exchanges to make more money.
  • Water falling : It is often called daisy chain and waterfalls tags. It is a process where advertisers buy ad inventory. if a publisher finds difficulty in selling the premium ad slots. They can consider ad server to avoid any disruption. These are the few terms one needs to perceive while developing an app to run the entire process. Qdexi Technology is a well-known IT firm avail of various game development services such as 2d game development, 3d game development etc.  If you require online digital marketing service you can consider our services.