The world is changing and so is the internet. Most of us use the internet to fulfill our daily needs. Take a moment and think about hundreds of searches you made on daily basis. As a evaluate human you must be using smartphones to make all these searches, right? In fact, you are not alone who like to make searches by sitting at the comfort of your home. The mobile website development makes it easier to find the actual information which is appealing to the eye.

As per the studies, 52 per cent of total organic traffic is mobile-users. Now you know mobile users covers more than half of the total organic traffic and this number is increasing day by day. So, if you are taking a step ahead to adapt the mobile-friendly trends then my friend you did the right decision.

Reasons That Make the Mobile-Friendly Website Crucial

First thing first

Before starting up with the benefits I would like to if you know the difference between mobile-friendly websites and responsive websites? You are not thinking that both are the same, are you? Well if you know the difference then, you know have an idea about web development for mobile and if you don’t then there is a lot of things you need to learn.

In the mobile-friendly website, the codes have been designed to shrink on the exact copy of the website as it’s seen on the desktop and fit as per the device it has been viewed on. On the other hands, responsive websites are designed to reconstruct the content and design so it can view on any website in an easy-to-read format. Although it is a little more complicated than the mobile-friendly website but will help to increase the users in an effective manner.

Top Benefits of Mobile Website Development Service

Welcome back to the main topic now, you know the difference between mobile-friendly and responsive website the next thing on the list is the benefits of using the mobile-friendly website:

  1. A good experience for users

As a mobile user, how does it feel when you visit a website with the poor layout? Bad, right? When a daily user like you visit a website with poor layout he leaves as soon as possible. What a visitor expect from a website is quality content which is easy to read.

  1. A good website is a key to good ranking

If you are in the digital market for a long time then you must aware of the Google update released in 2015 which prioritized the mobile-friendly website in the search engine ranking.

  1. An advantage over competitors

In this cut-throat marker, you need to do something different to stand out from the crowd, mobile-friendly web designs can give you that uniqueness to be different from your competitors. So, do not sit back with tradition static website take a step forward and adopt mobile-friendly designs.

  1. Easier to manage

Unlike desktop and mobile designs, responsive web designs are built to do everything at once. This way you do not need to alter the layout, content and designs. They are easier to manage and comes up with a higher conversion rate.

Qdexi Technology offers mobile friendly website development services to businesses who are brave enough to take a risk of developing their business website to a better one.