Earlier the SEO of the website was highly based on the content and keywords used in it. The rankings were determined by the number of keywords used in the webpages. But now this technique is known as keyword stuffing and leaves a total opposite impact on the website. The search engines have changed its algorithms now. These algorithms have introduced new ways to evaluate the ranking of the website by analyzing the quality of content and the links build in it.

We all know that links help rankings of the website in search engine result pages. The more links you build on your website the higher it would rank. The algorithms of Google and other search engines are complex and it constantly evolves. No matter how many changes appear in these algorithms, the backlinks always remain the essential component which determines the ranking of the website. The links are the indication to the search engines that your website is a reliable source for citation. If you want the long-term results for your website, then you must engage your content with high-quality links. Links and high-quality content have become the two major ranking factors of SEO.

If all your efforts are failing to achieve a higher ranking in SERPs, then you must consider hiring the professionals for this task. Adopting search engine optimization services can help here. Qdexi Technology is the well-recognized with the team of expert marketers. They can optimize your website perfectly for SERPs. However, we would further give you more information about everything that you should know about link building.

Why Link Building Is Important?

The links are the factors that search engines us to rank the web pages. The webmaster can improve the ranking of their website by adding the number of good quality links to their pages. It maintains the authority and the trust of the pages that you are linking. There are many different types of links.

Types of Links:

  • Inbound Links: This is the first category of the link which is also known as the external and backlinks. These links are HTML hyperlinks which leads the user from one website to another. It comes from another website or a different domain name.
  • Internal Links: These are the links that are used to connect internal pages with the links. The high number of internal links leads you to a particular page of your website and it would indicate to Google that the pages of your website are important. In simple words, it links pages within your own website.
  • Outbound links: These are the links that are used for connecting a website with a different domain name. Using these links directs the users to another particular webpage or the website.

Tools and Tips for Internal Link Building

  • Keyword Research for Building Links: There are many keyword research tools available that have to utilize for this task. These tools can suggest you the most appropriate keywords that are popular and relevant for your content.
  • Merging The Keywords In Content – Once you have a list of keywords then you have to create the content. The topic of the content should be based on the keywords. It should also be search friendly.
  • Use Anchor Text to Link Pages: It is the final step where you have to use your keyword research to inter-linking. This can be done by linking content with the keywords that you have searched for.

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