Learning a new technology is no less than learning a new language; it is challenging both financially and mentally. The time is moving faster than our imagination and in such a hassle keeping up with the current technology and market trends could be tiresome for anyone. To resolve this issue, we have come with this blog that will help you to understand the ins and outs of the speakable devices and how they are altering the voice search optimization.

What is the Speakable Device?

Speakable refers to those devices that are capable of voice recognition. The most common example of a speakable device is your smartphone that can recognize the voice command and respond accordingly. Nowadays, the speakable devices are in trends and could be found anywhere right from vehicles, phone, home assistance. As the speakable devices are becoming more and more popular, it becomes crucial to make sure your website is optimized to rank on the speakable device search. Although you can do it on your own, it is better to let the professional SEO service provider company in the USA to handle the task while you can sit back and learn more about it. Today the voice search technology has four main players known as:

  • Apple: The voice assistance Siri now started to collect information from Google after using Bing.
  • Amazon: The company has Alexa that uses Bing as a search engine.
  • Window: The system has Cortana that also use Bing and owned by Microsoft.
  • Google: The platform has an inbuilt voice search that relies on its own algorithms.

Just a few years back, the voice search technology was like a dream that came out of science fiction movie. Now, it is 2019 where voice search is becoming a part of the day to day task.

According to the recent survey around 35.6 million American people use voice search at least once in a month which indicates that the trends are not going anywhere anytime sooner. You need a digital marketing service provider to handle all your tasks and get excellent results.

Why People are Using Speakable Devices?


The world is going digital with the off-hands technology. Things are becoming automated, easier, and faster. People are constantly on a move which leaves no time for any necessary tasks. Just imagine, you are driving down the road and receives a message from your mother asking when will you be home? Now, you know that how worried your mam get when you don’t reply but driving and using the phone is illegal as it increases the chances of getting into an accident. But with speakable devices and voice search, things have become much easier than before. Now, you can reply back in just a click of a button rather than parking aside to make the standard call.

Apart from individual users, the internet is also using voice search for multiple reasons such as:

  • It contains fewer errors: Compared to typing search, voice search has fewer changes of containing fundamental errors.
  • It is fast and simple to use: Many people tend to speak faster than they type so, voice search is ideal for them.
  • It is multitasking friendly: You can do multitasking while using the voice search.

We hope the above reasoning is enough to convince you to optimize your website for voice search. Moreover, if you are still having second thoughts about it, then visit Qdexi Technology. It is the SEO and SMO service company that offers a wide range of digital solutions at an affordable price.

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