We all might have heard about the word redirection which refers to directing something to a new place or purpose. The redirection word in Search Engine Optimization is basically used for URLs and known as URL redirection. One of the most famous URL redirection is 301. Now the question arises what is actually a 301 redirection. For those who are not from IT field or hearing this term for the first time should know that 301 redirection is the permanent redirect from one URL to another. 301 redirects the visitors and searchers to a new and different URL. 301 redirect page a huge impact on search results and traffic. Therefore, it is important to hire professionals like Qdexi Technology to implement 301 redirects without making the negative effect of SEO service.

Redirection is the important step as it ensures that you are not losing any valuable data or information that is sent to you. These redirect also links several links under one platform. Let’s understand this by an example: – here are two different URLs

  1. www.qdexitechnology.com
  2. https://www.qdexitechnology.com/

Both URL will take you on the same website due to the effects of 301 redirection. The way people link www.qdexitechnology.com to http://www.qdexitechnology.com to improve search results.

Why is it important to set up 301 Redirect?

The main reasons why marketer set up a 301 redirect are:

  • Many marketers use 301 redirect to associate common web conventions like www, http://, https:// with one URL to maximise the domain authority of the website.
  • Renaming or rebranding a website with a different URL is the second reason why people use 301 Redirect.
  • To direct traffic from one URL to another one without any loss of information or data.

In the above scenario when a company is changing its brand or name, a 301 redirect is integral to maintain the inbound links to the original URL. Additionally, a 301 redirect is important to send website visitors to the right website address to get what they are searching for. If you also noticed that company sometime purchase domains that are similar or relevant to their business to generate more traffic. A 301 redirect is important to ensure the company is maintaining its search authority in the process. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies that helps a website to maintain its traffic and ranking in the search engines.

Permanent redirection vs temporary redirection:  which one is better?

Now that you understand the meaning and uses of 301 redirects. The next step is to understand the difference between permanent redirection and temporary redirection. Generally speaking, a 301 redirect is a better option than the temporary one as it transfers all inbound links from one redirected domain to the new one.

Despite the importance of 301 redirect there are few situations where a 302 redirect is more beneficial except for website content is need to be moved out temporarily such as when the website is going under maintenance and need to be directed on different URL.

Mistakes to avoid when implementing a 301 redirect

Now you understand the importance of the 301 redirect. Before start implementing 301 Redirect, there are certain mistakes that need to avoid when using 301 Redirect. To make sure nothing is left behind you can review every step of 301 Redirect from setting up redirect to permanent redirect on your website.

Qdexi Technology has a team of professionals who can set 301 Redirect without making any negative changes in SEO results. The company is known for delivering efficient and effective digital marketing services including, web design, web development and other digital marketing services.