Illustration Character Creation Services

Illustration Character Creation Services

Bringing Custom Character to Help your Clients Through Illustration Character Creation

Qdexi Technology advertises itself as the go-to place for any animation studio looking to outsource its character design needs. Our illustration character creation services are in high demand from studios making video games and animated films, as well as advertising and marketing firms, enterprises, and other businesses all around the globe. We accommodate last-minute character animation needs and provide high-quality animation in accordance with ISO standards, all while maintaining a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) engagement model via our tailored digital marketing service.

Our Illustration Character Creation Services

Since the needs of our customers evolve over time, we provide a menu of specialized online marketing services so that we can meet their needs no matter what they may be. Not limited to, the following are included in these offerings:

  • Producing Playable Characters for Video Games: Our team of illustration experts supports character design, animation, audio, and visuals while also adhering to gaming compliances and helping to create an improved visual experience. To get your game ready for release, we’ll create the story, the setting, the mechanics, and the characters.
  • Making a Cartoon: Helping you get your thoughts and ideas across graphically is what we do. To achieve this, we’ll sketch up a rough draught of your character, complete with a stick figure sketch. Then, we use our knowledge of the characters’ fundamental structure, factor in the data, and reduce the current characters to their constituent parts.
  • Designing a Mascot: Our character illustration crew offers spellbinding design services to bring your brand to life at important events with captivating mascots. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting from scratch or want to improve upon an existing idea, we can help.
  • Designing 2D Characters: Using industry-standard tools and techniques, our artists create 2D drawings or maps of your character designs. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive evaluation and discussion phase of the project to guarantee precision.
  • Making a 3D Character: In order to help you create 3D characters for use in video games, movies, commercials, and internet videos, we provide our services in this area. Our animations are a great method to get across difficult concepts in a fun and accessible manner, which will ultimately benefit your project.
  • Book Character Illustration: Our professional designers and animators collaborate closely with authors to provide detailed briefs that result in the most visually appealing books. We help with character style specifications and design characters for the inside and outside of books.
  • Services for Creating Imaginative Characters that Qdexi Technology Provides: At Qdexi Technology, we make sure the look and feel of each character, along with their colors, textures, and expressions, are tailored to your company’s identity for use in both traditional and online marketing materials through our graphic designing service.

Our Character Creation Process

First, we have our clients provide us with character briefs. We will take the client’s requests into account while drawing the character’s first concept art. Our open methodology guarantees complete transparency as we develop personalities that elicit reactions from your target demographic. This is how we go about developing characters:

  • Briefing: The customer will provide us with a project briefing outlining their needs and the boundaries of our work.
  • Input: PDF, JPEG, or TIFF files of the character designs and scripts are sent by a secure FTP, Dropbox, or email.
  • Allocation of Design: Experienced artists, painters, or creative designers are entrusted with certain tasks, and they are granted permission to begin working.
  • Making a Character: We produce 3D character designs using industry-standard apps including Adobe After Effects, 3DS Max, Adobe Illustrator, and Maya.
  • Verifying the Quality: For quality assurance, each photograph will be reviewed by a dedicated team of professionals.
  • Acceptance: We provide draughts for the customer to review and provide feedback on.
  • Edits: When a customer approves a sample, any necessary adjustments may be made to ensure the final product matches their requirements.
  • Final Data Transfer: The completed character design will be delivered over encrypted FTP in many file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, EPS, and PDF.

Why Choose Qdexi Technology’s Illustration Character Creation Services?

If you decide to collaborate with Qdexi Technology’s character illustration team, you’ll get a lot more than just a high-quality final product.

  • Results You Can Trust: Providing a polished final product is only the beginning; our seasoned staff also checks for accuracy and makes sure it abides by all regulations.
  • Advanced Storytelling: By using these professional product interpretation services, you can better represent your company or brand to customers while also ensuring they get the highest quality items.
  • Empathy and Engagement: Experts’ high-quality work can help your company capture more customers’ attention and affection by featuring complex characters with whom they may identify.
  • Turn Audience Members into Paying Clients: The conversion rate of your viewers might be increased by 20% just by utilizing interesting and engaging characters to describe your goods.
  • Fast and trustworthy service: If you work with our 3d character creation service company, you can finish assignments while you rest. Our work is always finished precisely and on time.
  • Professional Branding: Not only will you see an increase in brand awareness, but you’ll also see the kind of polished results that can only come from working with true specialists. We can also help you develop your brand’s ideal visual identity.

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