Cyber threats are becoming stronger day by day. The number of people who have been affected by cyber threats is constantly rising. If you own a website then you must know that there is always a risk of cyber attack revolving around it. When it is about your website, you have to be proactive. Your website represents your business and brand. For businesses, it is the primary channel for generating revenue. Therefore, you should take some safety measures to protect it against such cyber threats. This task can be a little bit tedious for the non-professionals.

In this following blog, we would introduce you to some of the major cyber threats. Here you would also find the information to protect your website from them. However, if you think that you think that you don’t have sufficient support for managing these threats, then you should immediately take measures to resolve it.  Qdexi Technology is the best web development and designing service Provider Company that you can approach at such circumstances.


Major Cyber Threats Of 2019

SEO Spam Kits: As soon as this threat attacks the website it starts installing the malicious software which starts generating new pages according to the requirements of spammers. It works to destroy the ranking of the website in search engine result pages without the owner being aware of anything. It also generates bad links on the website and the website starts getting the spam penalties.

Backdoors: Another major cyber threat is Backdoor. In this threat, the cybercriminals break into the website and launch crypto-jacking attacks. This starts uploading the crypto miners to the website. The owners are unaware of the fact that their website is getting infected.

How to Protect Your Website Against These Threats?

Secure the data of the website: To protect your website from the cybercriminals this is the first thing that you have to do. You should keep your details secret. It is also important to encrypt and secure the admin level with strong password and username. After that, you can also add limitations to the number of login attempts.

Use double validation for the data: To add an extra layer of security you should add the double validation. It should be done on both the browser and the server end. This would enable the browser to find the issues with data and the server would be able to detect the threats in any malware.

Encrypt the Intranet: The intranet is used by the business organizations for exchanging the information. The owners can protect their website from both the internal as well as external threats by encrypting the intranet. There is one main element for this which is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Managing these cyber threats can be challenging. This is why it is advisable to take help from the professionals. Neglecting these threats on your web server means, you are putting your business at stake. Qdexi Technology is the company filled with expert web developers. They hold special expertise in web development. You can acquire highly efficient and hassle-free solutions from the experts at very reasonable prices.  So, instead of waiting for too long, hire them today!