Those entrepreneurs who want to build a powerful mobile application often come across several questions like which is technology is suitable for their business, Hybrid or native one? And how they can choose between two mobile applications for their business model? If you are also struggling with the same question, then you are in the right place. Today, we will learn how can you choose technology in building applications with affordable mobile app development services.

Lets Go Through Mobile App Technologies One by One:


Native Application

The software or program of native applications is developed to work on a specific platform or environment. The Native applications are quite quick in action, distributed on many application stores, and also considered as one of the most responsive applications which do not require an internet connection to run its application. Though these Apps are good to use yet it charges a higher amount.

importance of Native App Development


  • As it does not depend upon its source platforms & libraries, that’s why it is widely used. However, these facilities are not available in Ionic and Cordova.
  • Native Codes are faster than JavaScript and HTML, hence it is used for intensive animations applications, HD games, Graphical Applications.
  • Native Apps all depends upon the functionality and does not require internet facilities.
  • These apps are more intuitive, interactive and also run smoothly on different platforms. You can hire native android app development service for business in Canada to make compelling and attractive mobile apps which can engage more customers.
  • Best performance & Better User experience is provided.


  • A lot of Development efforts required to make each platform which ultimately enhances the development timings.
  • It is a costly process as different kinds of skills are required to create and maintain the usual applications again and again on several platforms. It is also time-consuming.

What is Hybrid Application

hybrid app development service

Hybrid Apps are the integration of web and native apps. It actually comprises two parts in it, that is the back-end code, and the other is a native shell. The native shell is however easily downloadable and you can load the code with the help of Webview. But the most common advantage we get from Hybrid applications is it is cheaper than native apps. Adding to that, these apps can leverage API device, and need not require any browser. However, for making effective mobile apps on the platform, it is essential to hire Hybrid application development service for the development of the business.


  • Easy to maintain and build
  • Very Cheap
  • Can Only create on a single platform- Android, iOS.


  • Runs application very slow as compared to Native apps
  • A browser always needed to run the applications.
  • It’s not that much compelling and intuitive

So, these are some of the main pros and cons of native and hybrid apps. If you are thinking which apps technology must be used, then it all depends upon your company or business model. However, you must utilize the nature, case, and environment of the mobile apps as that will only going to influences your decisions.

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