With the continuous rise in the mobile industry, there is no doubt that hybrid mobile application development is the future of the mobile industry. Each day we witness a new app in the market but at the same time in the flood of apps what caught the attention is a hybrid mobile app. Those who are new to the hybrid app should know that it is the collaboration of native and web app. Although they are different from the native app, they can be simply downloaded from the app store. Hybrid apps are based on the CSS3, HTML and JavaScript which are complied with the android, native iOS and other wrappers.

Hybrid Application: The Future


In the past few years, hybrid apps have gained popularity among smartphone users. There are several reasons why most of the mobile application development company see their future in the Hybrid app development. They can run with the internet connection and can integrate with the device file system.

Characteristics of Hybrid Applications

characteristics of Hybrid App Development

  • Multi-OS support and one source code

Unlike native and web apps, hybrid mobile app support and can run on the various operating systems. You can build the whole app on one source code. This enables even the developers with the fewer sources to create and run an app on the iOS, Android and other systems. This makes it perfect for small and medium-sized companies to make big out of their sources.

  • Less time consuming

It is right to say time is money thus, it is important to save time. Hybrid app development has taken it way more seriously. With hybrid app development team do not have to spend time working on various platforms and because of the native app feature the load on the mobile web browser is less. Due to the reduction in the overall efforts, the Hybrid app has become so popular among the web application development.

  • Distribution on the app store

It is so much easier to distribute over the app store. The hybrid mobile app is one of the few software frameworks that resemble the native apps. Hence, it can be easily distributed in the app stores.

  • Easy access

Isn’t amazing to find a mobile app that can run without an internet connection? The hybrid mobile app allows users to connect to a server which offers offline access. Nowadays, mobile apps that can run without the internet connection is gaining more popularity among the users.

  • Reduce development cost

As mentioned above developers can use HTML for both iOS(iPhone and iPad development) and Android app development can further reduce the overall mobile app development cost. You can use the remaining budget in other business operations.

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  • The little bit of both native and web app

The main reasons why many admire hybrid mobile app is because it contains the best features of both native and web apps along with a touch of technical beauty. In addition, the app can be distributed on various app stores even when you are working offline.

Hybrid apps have caught attention and won hearts of mobile app users with its amazing features. But it definitely depends on the needs of your business what kind of app you need to develop. Qdexi Technology offers native android app development service to those who are looking for reliable solutions.