Remember when you have visited the restaurant to eat your favorite dish but end up not receiving any. How was the experience? Bad, right? The same goes for the 404 pages. You have a visitor who craves for the information you are offering but when they click on the link it shows 404 error. This leaves them in a very disappointed and angry state.  You must be aware of that 404 pages in the website are one of the most common HTTP error that majority of people see while browsing the web. But just because it is one of the most common error doesn’t mean that you can take it lightly. If not resolved this problem on time, it can harm your SEO and kill your ranking, something that you have created after so many efforts and years of hard work.

What is 404 Error?

Before finding and fixing out the 404 pages it is necessary to understand what is it? As mentioned earlier, 404 is HTTP error which means a page you want to find do not exist on the server. Assuming all the devices work fine, the most common error code is 200. 404 error pages can be customized by the website owners to reduce the frustration of the visitors. Despite the problems, 404 pages could be easily fixed.

Why 404 Pages Appears on the Top of Search Result Pages?

The most common question asked by visitors is “why 404 pages appear on the first page of search engine result?” well, there are several reasons behind the appearance of 404-error pages on the search result such as:

  • The page is linked to the blog that is ranking well on the search result.
  • You have shifted the content of the page to another link but you forget to change the link.
  • If you posted an incorrect URL or one with the spelling mistake.
  • You changed the link-structure while refurbishing the website.

How 404 Pages Affects Your Website

404-error pages don’t really affect your website negatively, I mean mistake happens all the time and Google will surely forgive for this but not your visitors. The 404-error can certainly lead toward the bad user experience. Encountering 404-error could be frustrating for the users which often stop them visiting the same website in the near future. This means visitors will stop exploring your website which will decrease the traffic rate and affect the conversion ratio. In short, it will put your all digital marketing strategy for business growth into drains.

How to Find 404 Pages on Your Website

The first thing you need to do is find the 404-error pages and fix them. Google Webmaster tool commonly known as search console can also help you to do it. Start by login into your dashboard then, go to crawl errors to find 404-error pages.

As shown in the above image if your website contains 404-error pages then, you will see it in the list form. You can click on any on these links to find where they are linked from. If you have created your website on the WordPress then, you can use redirection plugins to find out the 404 pages. Once found, you can hire SEO service from Qdexi Technology to fix it.