We all know that search engine optimization is one the most effective tools to attract the audience to a website but it can also be used to get more eyes for a blog page as well. By placing the strategically planned keywords in the blog you can increase the chance of your blog appearing on the top in the search result. Avail best seo services from Qdexi at reasonable cost.

If you have read our previous blog then you already know the higher your blog will appear on the search results the more likely it will be clicked on and read by the audience. This is exactly what you want to achieve right?

How to use SEO to Attract More Readers for Your Blog

  • Run an in-depth keyword research:

    In order to write a quality content that can attract more reader, you have to pay attention toward your keywords. Take some time to perform keyword research before settling down to write the blog. For the beginning, you can start with choosing your blog topic then move forward to perform keyword research on terms and phrases related to your industry, brand, products and services. You can use your choose keywords to write a blog. Either way keyword research should be done to write a blog post that increases the post’s visibility.

  • Keyword research tools:

    You have finally decided to run a keyword research but the question is how will you do it? Well, there are some online keyword research tools like Google AdWords to determine what people nowadays searching for on an online platform. It will also help you to know whether these keywords are related to your products and services. The Google AdWords will also show how many competitors out there are ranking for the same keywords. In general, you know it is always beneficial to use low competitive keywords as they have higher chances of ranking in the search engine.

  • Keyword placement in the blog post:

    Once, you have the list of keywords that you are willing to optimize the next step is to write a quality blog post using these keywords. You need to make sure that keyword must appear on the in the title, heading, Metadata, and in the body as many times as possible but make sure not to overstuff the keywords or it will make the blog awkward for readers.

  • Try to write an evergreen content:

    The SEO trends are not going anywhere anything soon. Blogs you share through social media gain attention and drag traffic to the website within a few days after it has been shared. The blogs who appear on the top of search engines bring continuous traffic to the website. So, be sure to write on the topics that are evergreen or not going out of trend for next few months and years.

  • The longer is the better:

    In the recent research on the Google, it has been observed that posts that rank on the top in search results are around 2000 to 2500 words long. It means the longer blog post will work the best for you. But that doesn’t mean you will fill the content with irrelevant information. The Google only prefer sources that are enriched with relevant, quality and unique content. If you are optimizing the blog for the SEO then longer is the better. The blog post written by the company brings the new readers to the website using the search engine optimization services

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