Pinterest is another social platform that has caught the attention of social media users in the past few years. This social media platform stands on its name “Pinterest” where you can pin an image, quote and any other visual content you like. While others can re-pin it to share with the rest of the world.

Now, you may ask why you do you need Pinterest as you are already targeting your primary and secondary audience through social media marketing techniques. Yes, it is true that social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have beaten up Pinterest in the total number of users but if you look at the statistics, you may find that 47% of Pinterest users are more likely to show interest in new brands than other social media users. If this statistic is still not enough to take your brand on the Pinterest then, the below blog post will surely do the trick.

What is Pinterest Advertising?


Unlike other social media advertisement system, Pinterest is based on the pay-for-placement system that allows all the brands to reach more than 200 million users on a monthly basis. Basically, Pinterest ads incorporate a quality image, caption, and the link that displays on the news feeds like the example given below:

Best Practices to Generate Traffic from Pinterest

practices to generate traffic from Pinterest

  • Go for the quality images

Pinterest revolves around the images, not text. This means you should optimize your images to capture the attention of the platform users. You should only utilize high-quality and non-pixelated images that can convey your thoughts, perceptions, and ideas in the best light possible. However, if you think that image is not enough to convey the thoughts then, you can convert them into infographics. Information presented with convincing text, and graphics attention of the users making it easy to share.

  • Understand your Audience

To target the right audience on Pinterest, you need to understand them. Pinterest allows advertisers to add characteristics such as location, language, gender, and device.

Another effective way to target your potential audience is to choose relevant keywords which will determine the searches your pin will appear upon. Although, the maximum limit to add keywords per pin is 150 keywords but they usually recommend only 20 to 30 keywords. It is also suggested by the SMO solutions provider in the USA to use a variety of keywords to maintain diversity in the Pin.

  • Act like an audience

Another main advertising to advertise your brand on Pinterest is it gives you the option of “Act like audience” which is quite similar to Google and Facebook. The only thing that differentiates Pinterest is it requires at least 100 audiences to active the “act like audience” option while others require a much larger amount than this. This will help you to further personalize your Pins to target your audience.

In the end, implementing the above tips while adverting on Pinterest will help you to generate more traffic on your website.

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