Have ever heard that a business cater to only a single target audience? Rarely, right? Take a break and think about it.  Companies spend thousands of dollars to prepare buyer persona but how many time do they come up with a single persona? Because even though your all customers are looking for similar products or services they generally belong to the different places. Now, you may ask how they are different. Well, they could belong to different societies, gender, age group or a different part of the world which is normal actually better because the more persona you can identify the wider you reach will be. But another important part of the business is personalization. This means once you are done identifying the multiple personas you should start working on finding a way to cater the needs of the customers. That’s where you need LinkedIn Showcase pages and digital marketing strategies. So, tighten your seat belt because we are going on an amazing trip.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

The showcase pages refer to the extension of your business website page or LinkedIn. So, what purpose do they serve? With showcase pages, you can highlight a specific product, company initiative, content, or brand in front of your audience. Let’s take an example to understand this. Adobe is a well-known brand so, you can use it as a real life example.

The Adobe represent different product lines that are appealing to different users, so they have created separate showcase pages to represent each product like Adobe creative cloud, Adobe experience cloud, Adobe experience manager, etc. Now let’s assume you clicked on the showcase page of Adobe creative cloud then you will be taken on the page that is much identical to the overarching company page.  In fact, showcase pages are almost similar to the company page.

How to Incorporate Showcase Pages in Your Digital Marketing Campaign?


The showcase pages can be incorporated in a digital marketing campaign through LinkedIn strategy but it doesn’t mean that everyone can use it. The showcase pages are highly recommended for the parent companies to promote their products in the market.

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As per the LinkedIn showcase pages are for those company who wants to establish a long-term relationship with their customers. But your major focus is to provide digital marketing service including social media optimization and lead generation services then you can use LinkedIn showcase pages to reach singular pages.

Creating LinkedIn Showcase Pages

  • To create and run your LinkedIn showcase pages you will need:
  • A showcase page name (Something that represents your product and brand)
  • A small Showcase page description (In between 75 to 200 characters)
  • An Industry
  • The name of the showcase administrator

After finalizing all the above things you can create your showcase pages.

Optimizing showcase pages

Optimizing Showcase Pages

The digital marketing basically revolves around the page optimization which means LinkedIn showcases pages needs to be built on your creativity. You can start with showcase name, move ahead with keywords and then do some work on the website photos and videos and send it with page description.

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