After spending some quality time in the digital marketing you may have heard about customer psychology. As we know every human being is different from another so is their mental psychology. In this era of digitalization where online fraud is touching the sky, a modern customer wants some kind of proof of your credibility before going for your brand. According to the survey conducted by the Nielsen around 90 percent of costumers trust the recommendation, they have received through a peer while other trusts on the recommendation they have received from an acquaintance. So, in short recommendation, reviews, testimonials and word of mouth matter the most. This is the main reason why most of the brands are investing in B2B marketing, SEO services, and internet marketing to build a positive brand experience around their products.

Using Testimonials and Reviews in Your Content

Now coming to the main topic, how many of you still think that review and testimonials are only meant for the home page? Then, my friend, you may be losing the competitive edge. It is not written somewhere that you have to use reviews and testimonials at the corner of your web pages only. Companies these days are using their reviews and testimonials in their content to enhance their marketing efforts. This is because it is kind of social proof you are giving to visitors who know nothing about your products and services. It built up trust factor encouraging them to move forward and take a look at your offered products and services.

Now, when you have finally decided to utilize your hard-earned in your content the next thing you need to learn is how to do it. Content writing is an important part of the internet marketing service so, you must have an idea even you already have a team of skilled writers.

Dig in to Find More Information

Any marketers would love to know what costumers think about their brand, products and services. Their reviews are the door to the perception they have about you. You can dig further into reviews, statistics and quotes to find out how well customers are reacting to your products and services. Then you can use the gathered information in your content to attract new customers while keeping the existing one attached.

Listen What Your Customers are Trying to Say

During your time in the marketing field, you may have come across several fake testimonials and reviews. Rather than following the same path and copy-pasting spineless reviews on your pages go through your comments and quotes to see what your customers want to say. In case, if you find out that most of the customer reviews revolve around a particular feature of your products then it is time to invest some time and money in R&D department to improve your features.

Tell Success Stories in Your Testimonials

Who doesn’t want to hear a good story? For them, it is an interesting story but for you and your brand, it is like an opportunity for you to make your products more relating customer’s needs. It allows your costumers to visualize themselves using your products. Basically, it will provide a better view of your services.

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