Do you know, what is the best thing about inbound marketing? Well, the content keeps paying offs over time, long after it was actually published to promote products and services. This is amazing, isn’t it?  According to the experts if optimized well you can turn your landing pages into the long-term assets which will continue to drive more ROI for your online business. They can work for lead generation services to business. In the below post, you are going to learn how to turn your landing pages into crucial assets.

The Impact of the SEO on Lead Generation

Majority of the companies think that the impacts of lead generation tactics for business growth didn’t last long which is far from the truth. What if I tell you that campaigns you are working on right now can generate sales leads for the next 3 to 6 months?

lead generation service for business

According to the survey conducted by the HubSpot, around 90% of the sales leads you to generate each month are from the offers you didn’t promote that month. Furthermore, 70% of the sales leads come from the offers you have not even seen or touched since last 3 months. Similarly, 90% of the leads you generate comes from the blogs and articles that weren’t published on that month.

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This means whatever content you are developing and publishing should not be designed to contribute in the current goals and campaigns but also optimized to generate business leads for upcoming months and even years. So, the question that appears here is how are you going to make sure that your content is being found by the visitors even after you have stopped using social media, email and call to actions to promote? Well, you got it, you are going to optimize it for the search engines.

Nowadays, SEO has become an important part of the online marketing strategy. It helps to keep web pages to rank well in the search engine result pages. Let’s move ahead and learn how to turn your landing pages into long-term SEO assets.

Landing Pages: Your Long-Term SEO Assets

Landing pages are Long Term SEO assets

When it comes to generating long-term sales leads, SEO landing pages are the best targets you have got in your hands. A landing page that is ranking high on the result pages can certainly increase leads toward your business. After all, you have created the landing pages for this purpose. So, without wasting any other moment let’s start with the process of turning your landing pages into assets.

  • Start with the title: – The page title is one the most important aspect of your web page. Therefore, you should keep it short and include high-quality keywords.
  • The landing URL matters: – The page URL is the next most important thing you should focus on. The short URL attracts the most thus, you can use slashes to separate the phrases.
  • The heading tag: – There should always be an H1 tag on your landing pages which the web page. Remember to not overstuff it with target keywords as it will end confusing the visitor.
  • Rich visual content: – Images can help you to rank for the specific target keywords and keyword rankings.

That’s enough for today, in the next blog we are going to further explain these topics….